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Tricks Burglars Use to Get Into Your Home

Tricks Burglars Use to Get Into Your Home

We all lock our doors and windows every night in an effort to keep burglars out of our homes. There are tonnes of steps everyone takes to ensure that the only people that come into our homes are the only ones that are supposed to be there but unfortunately sometimes, burglars simply outsmart the security. Every couple of years, burglars come up with new tricks that help them get into our homes, but there are a few extra measures we can take that will ensure that we’re going to be two steps ahead of them, every time!

In this post, we’re going to be discussing what their tricks are, and how you can avoid falling victim to them!

#1: Using the doors

One of the top ways that burglars get into your home is by using your doors! Not just by breaking them down, but by simply opening them. A lot of people who feel safe in their homes tend to leave their doors unlocked, and burglars can easily use these doors to get in, take what they can, and get out! By the time you notice something’s wrong, it would already be too late!

To ensure this doesn’t happen to you, make sure that all of your entry points are locked. This means the front and back doors along with the windows!

#2: Snapping the lock

Most homes use “regular” euro locks throughout their home, including the main doors. The thought here is that if the door is locked, it’s going to be enough to keep burglars out, when that’s hardly the case. If your home has regular locks a burglar can easily snap the lock in half and gain entry to your home. This is a technique that anyone can learn and it doesn’t even require the use of any special tools! A simple hammer and screwdriver are enough to snap the locks easily! A weak lock is like having no lock on your doors at all!

A way to avoid this is by replacing your regular locks with anti-snap locks instead. These are made to be heavy-duty and to stay put even if someone tries their hardest to break through it. Even if these locks end up breaking, they break ⅓ of the way so the lock mechanism stays in place even if the lock is in pieces! Ensuring that the door won’t open! If you’re not sure if you can install anti-snap locks in your doors, call over a locksmith in Alabaster, or a recommended locksmith in your general area and have them come take a look at your doors. Not only will they be able to suggest the best lock for you, but they will also be able to install the locks for you!

#3: Using the darkness

If your home lacks in the outdoor lighting department, you might be giving burglars a hand in getting into your home! The darkness makes it very easy for a burglar to get into your home!

This can easily be avoided by installing motion sensor lights all around the perimeter of your home. These will not only scare any potential burglars away, but will also alert you every time there’s any movement around the house because you’ll be able to see it from inside the home!

#4: Using insecure windows

A lot of people think that closing windows and locking them using a simple lock is enough to keep potential burglars out, when that’s not the case. Burglars look out for any entry points they can use to squeeze their way in, that includes windows!

Instead of just shutting the windows and using a regular lock on it, have grills installed. When there are reinforcements like grills make it so a burglar can’t easily get through without cutting the grill, which will make enough noise to alert you too!

Learn more about different types of frauds and tricks that the burglars are using to dodge the innocent people, on this website: www.groliehome.com

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