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Best Home Warranty Companies In The US

Best Home Warranty Companies In The US

A home warranty makes it convenient to cover the repair cost of systems and appliances when they break out. The way home warranties provide discounts on replacements and repairs costs up to specific limits for the lifetime of the policy and the same way texas moving company helps the movers to settle down making a correct choice of the home according to their policy coverage and features.

Best Home warranty companies

AFC home club is the best overall:

The AFC home club is known for its liberal policy and had been in the business market since 1999. It offers home warranty coverage in all states, excluding Nevada, South Carolina, California, and Hawaii. Insurance plans start after 30 days of purchase and are available through various plans in one and three-year policies. AFC also offers a warranty membership and guarantees on parts and labor for life.


  • Can choose their technician
  • Good choice of add-ons and plans
  • Three-year quality guarantee


  • Required to call for a price quote
  • No preceding condition coverage

Plan options:

Platinum plan:

This plan offers comprehensive coverage for systems and appliances, including AC, heating systems, plumbing systems and stoppages, dishwasher, kitchen refrigerator, ice maker, oven, etc.

Gold plan:

Gold plans cover the heating, electrical systems, water heater, cooler, and appliances like oven, cooktops, garbage disposals, kitchen refrigerators, and garage door openers, etc.

Silver plan:

It covers appliances like a clothes washer, dryer, kitchen refrigerator, oven, garbage disposal, and garage door opener.

System plan:

It covers things such as water heater, air conditioner, electrical system ductwork, and plumbing system.

First American home warranty:

Since 1984, the First American home warranty has been supporting Americans to protect their homes. It’s been more than 30 years in the business, and still, they are distinct from others in offering reliable coverage for owners who strive to protect their homes. The home warranties range from $28 to $42.50 per month.


  • 24×7 claim service
  • Technician facility within four hours
  • Unlimited service supports


  • Restricted to only 35 states
  • Short of coverage in the basic plan

Plan options:

Basic plans:

This plan covers home sellers and buyers against failure of systems like ductwork, water heater, plumbing, and appliances, including an oven, garbage disposal, trash compactor, etc.

Value plus:

It includes all the coverage offered in basic plans, including coverage for improper modification and installation and restricted code upgrades. The company also provides refrigerant reclaim, recapture, and disposal.

Eagle premier:

All the basic plan coverage is included, and first-class upgrade, air conditioning, kitchen refrigerator, and clothes dryer or washer.

American residential warranty:

Behind choosing American residential warranty, its transparent pricing is the overall reason. The lowest service fees and deductibles and the transparency offered in a sample contract it has been in business since 1946 and has nationwide coverage plans that provide 12-month plans with multiple coverage combinations. Coverage starts after 30 days of purchase.


  • Can select their technician
  • Lowest service fees
  • 24×7 customer support


  • Claims can’t be registered online
  • Low coverage restrictions on some appliances

Plan options:

Platinum premium:

It is the most comprehensive plan with $59.99 per month, offering coverage AC, humidifier, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, kitchen exhaust fan, plumbing stoppages, ceiling fans, etc.


It covers $49.99 per month, offering AC, humidifier, refrigerator, oven, dishwasher, kitchen exhaust fan, water heater, garbage disposal, inbuilt microwave, etc.

Cooling and heating:

It covers $39.99 per month, offering AC, humidifier, internal electrical system.

Kitchen plus:

It covers $34.99 per month, offering an oven, dishwasher, kitchen exhaust fan, water heater, garbage disposal, inbuilt microwave, and refrigerator.

Amazon home warranty:

It has been in the business since 2010, although it has consistently gained a good reputation in the industry because of its great add-ons and appliance and systems plans. The incurred annual costs vary between $349 and $549, including a service fee of $75. The coverage starts after 30 days of the warranty plan purchase.


  • Add-on coverage and other warranties
  • Great appliance plan coverage
  • Systems plans and combo appliance available


  • For a price quote, personal info needs to be submitted
  • A lengthy lists of exclusions

Plan options:

Appliance plan:

It covers the refrigerator, dishwasher, freezer cooktop, trash compactor, oven, etc.

Systems plan:

It covers AC, plumbing system, water heater, bathtub, ductwork, and garage door openers.

Combo plan:

It covers refrigerator, dishwasher, freezer cooktop, trash compactor, oven, AC, plumbing system, water heater, bathtub, ductwork, and garage door openers, exhaust fan, ceiling fan, doorbell, etc.


For deductible options, Cinch is an excellent home warranty company that offers choices of three service fees. It has been in the business market for over 40 years. It has three warranty plan choices available with service fees of $125, $150, and $100.5 and other plans based upon the location.


  • Coverage included for parts and components
  • 180 days quality guarantee
  • Corrosion and rust coverage


  • The service limit is $10,000
  • Not accessible in Hawaii or Alaska

Plan options:

Complete home:

This plan covers both built-in systems and appliances


It covers cloth washers, dryers, dishwashers, cooktops, ice makers, ovens, refrigerators, wall ovens, and trash compactors.

Built-in systems:

It covers ceiling fans, electrical systems, ductwork, hot or cold water dispenser, smoke detectors, water heater, garage door openers, and built-in jetted tubs.


So the above are the top best warranty companies offering a wide variety of coverage options, high coverage limits, precise coverage details, of texas moving company. It will help pack up the entire house with trained packers safely packed all the valuable items and make it easy to settle. Make a right with a perfect home warranty plan.

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