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What are the Different Types of Paints & Where You Can Use Them


Paints bring colours to our houses. Although houses are made worth living by architectures, paints make them worth enjoying by giving them an attractive look. It is not necessary that all types of paints suit all the places. Some paints made for interior parts of the houses cannot be used for external purposes because contents vary in different paints. So before selecting any type of paints, you should be aware of its result first. This will help you to figure out what you need for your house painting. If you are trying to find the best paints, Vancouver painting company is an ideal place that provides the best paints of all kinds with long lasting quality.

Paint selection guide

Whenever you go to choose paint for a specialized purpose, you need to know about buyers guidelines:

  • The drying period of paint is small or not
  • Whether these paints can be easily used or not
  • It will not cause any harm to the painters
  • Whether it will provide a durable and thick coat or a thin coat

Oil paints

Oil paints are widely used in construction work. They are used as a base and serve for coating purposes. In coating, they accomplish the task of finish coat and coat undercoat. they provide walls with a glittery, polished, and durable look. They are very easy to use, giving the ease to clean painted surfaces covered by them. Oil-based paints can also be used over water-based paints. Oil-based paints are best for doors, windows, grills and provide an effective coating for metals. Oil paints also provide good adhesion over bleeding gum. But try to avoid oil paints on the external surface as they can’t bear stretching during summers.

Water-based paints

Water-based paints usually take less time to dry than oil-based paints. But one thing notable is that it is less durable than oil paints. However, cleaning up the walls requires only water and soap. It is a more common method. The water-based paints are quite durable for the walls with normal wear and tear. These paints are best for backdrops, roofs surfaces, scenery and other surroundings. Collectively water-based paints are also referred to as latex paints because they constitute a kind of latex-like acrylic and vinyl resins other than the original resin.

Sheen paints

Other than oil and water-based paints, there comes another type of paints called sheen paints. These paints constitute a glossy texture. You’ve got colour sheens that aren’t shiny on one side. Stuff like “Plain,” “eggshell,” and “Satin” will be named for them. Flat and matte paints are somewhat similar, but matte paints are also much lighter than flat paints. Also, the matte is typically longer lasting than flat. These types of colours are ideal for ceilings because they are much better able to cover imperfections than high-gloss colours. Emulsion and organza paints are much brighter, yet appear rather matte when viewed from the right angle. Such paint styles are a reasonable balance between longevity and brightness. If you want stuff durable and reasonably smooth, eggshells and satin paints are good choices indeed.

Emulsion paint

Emulsion paints are usually used for binding materials because they constitute polyvinyl acetate. These paints can be dried very fast. After they get dried, they give a stiff look and the surface can be cleaned with water. These paints are used for ceilings, masonry work, interior surfaces and some types can also be used to paint woody material.

Enamel paints

The main objective of conducting paint is to touch up the unit, and can also be used for more than small objects. If you’d like a paint that produces a tough outer and offers lasting solutions, enamel can only be your cover. These paints adhere to a wide range of surfaces such as plastic, ceramics, wood, porcelain, galvanizing, stainless steel and glass.


Although paints of all types are effective, you should specifically select paints according to your requirement and what your house demands. Different types of paints give different results, the paints made for interior walls may not adhere well to the exterior because different conditions like sunlight, rains, storms affect only the exterior portion. So follow the buyers guide before shopping for paints.

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