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Some Home Decor Items For A Look Which Renders The Touch of Nature

Home Decor Items

Decorating home has evolved with time, and it will keep growing with new trends. Every home has a different interior management style than others. Today, people are moving forward to decent and straightforward interiors. It means fewer things on the wall and use of decorative items that complement with paintwork in the house. Home decor is essential as it affects one’s mental health. Many families are hiring interior professionals to revamp their homes for the betterment. One trend that people are opting for is ‘The Green Look’. Not that you paint all walls green, but the use of such things that renders the touch of nature in the house. It keeps the mind fresh and calm. And it is important to opt for a green look renovation for those who live in megacities where pollution levels are high.

So, if you are planning to restructure the interiors, here are some decorative items that you can use for a simple, elegant, and green look.

Artificial Grass Mat

They are not new now. Artificial grass mat lets you have a feel of the park within your home. It has been seen that many people use it in their balconies and drawing rooms. When you buy one from the market, you can get it cut according to the area of place you want to keep it. Hence, there is no hustle in adjusting.

Indoor Plants

Indoor plants are making their way into the homes because of their benefits. Plants like aloe vera and Tulsi are termed as medicinal plants because of their characteristics. Money Plant and Snake plant are NASA recommended air-purifying plants. And keeping a bonsai tree in corners and the table-tops uplift the interior for a green look.

Hanging Planters

If you don’t have enough space to keep plants indoor than you can go for the hanging planters. They will help you have plants on the walls and balcony railings. There are different type of hanging planters available in the market which you can buy according to the space of your house.

Plant & Flower Paintings

Enough for those old-styled paintings and sceneries in your home! Make a change and replace them with handmade and computerised paintings of flowers and plants. Choose the painting colour according to the colour combination of your home and don’t stuff the walls with lots of pictures. Two or a set of three paintings is good for every room.


Not green? We told you, it’s about the touch of nature and not the colour green. You can use pebbles to fill your designer dinner tables or can put them in a ceramic bowl on the sides on the entry gate. People today also use stones to decorate their walls for a rusty and rough look and some spread pebbles on the artificial grass mat.

We bet that these home decor items will do the magic and keep you close to nature. You can take an expert’s advice for better results.

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