Top Sites Like Putlocker to Watch Movies

Top Sites Like Putlockers in 2021

What is Putlocker?

Putlocker is one of the top free websites that offered free online streaming of movies and TV serials for users. The Putlocker site started with the name putlocker.com and it was a UK-based website. It started in 2011 and got a lot of fame due to the free content that is offered. There were approximately 1.6 million visitors to the website every day. With so many visitors it soon became the hub of free online movie and TV content. It became popular because a similar kind of website named Megalupload closed.

The users wanted to get access to the free content that the putlocker website provided. Soon it expanded and grew into more domains. Putlockers is known for various domains such as putlockers.com, and putlockers, FM putlockers.tv, etc. The website has also been reported by the MPAA as a piracy threat. The users could find HD and high-quality movies on the website for free. It included the latest movies and TV series also.

What happened to Putlocker?

The Motion Picture of America has reported the website several times as a threat to piracy. As it gained fame, it also got threats for closure and was blocked in many countries. In May 2016 the UK High Court ordered the website to be blocked. At this time in early 2016, the complete putlocker shutdown did not happen, but it was only blocked in the UK. Later in the year 2016, it was temporarily closed. It is why Putlocker had to change the domain address multiple times.

It is also not known if the original website is still there or not. However, there have been reports of more than fifty mirror or proxy sites that use the name Putlocker with a different domain address. All these websites used the name putlocker but with a different addresses such as .fm, .tv, .to, etc. Now that UK’s court had put the putlocker down, no one knows whether the original website is available or not. The shutdown of the website was a shock and not less than a catastrophe for the visitors.

Putlocker Alternatives

Since its shutdown, the users have tried using the putlocker proxy sites but have failed to access them. Now the users are searching for sites like putlockers. Here are putlocker alternatives that the users can visit to access free media content.

1. Fmovies

One of the very first and famous alternatives for the Putlockers website is the Fmovies. It is also considered one of the best free streaming websites after Putlocker. It is the same as putlockers. It is easy to use as it has an intuitive interface. You can search for your favorite content without any hassle. The interface of this website also makes it different from its competitors.

Navigation of the website is easy. The website has various categories and genres that you can browse. The website also has options to search the movie or TV series by country. It also provides the top IMDB list and a list of movies from A-Z. Searching for a movie is no problem at all with this website. The home page is very simple. You can easily type in the name of the movie and hit the search button. It will then list all the related movies or TV series with that name.

2. GoMovies

Another excellent putlocker alternative is GoMovies. It is also a free streaming website where you can watch movies and TV series without the need to download them. The website offers movies with good streaming quality. It also has a similar kind of interface to the Putlockers website. You can enter the movie or series name and perform an easy search.

Also, when you enter the search term, it gives a drop-down list of similar movies that make it easy to choose the movie. Once you hit the search button, the website will show all the related movies that have the text that you searched. For example, if you search for “Harry” it will not only list the harry potter movies but also every movie available on the website that has the term Harry in it. The users can also view movies by genre or browse their favorite movies and TV shows.

3. MovieWatcher

One of the best putlocker-like sites is MovieWatcher. It has a different home page with a huge list of movies. The homepage shows the latest movies that are playing in theatres on the top. So the users do not have to search for the latest movies and stream but stream directly from the home page. It also has a section of the most viewed movies and the movies that have been added recently to the website.

The website has a huge library of movies. You can also categorize the search based on the type of movies, the year of release, genre, popularity, etc. The home page also has a search box. You can always search for your favorite movie and stream it online. The website also has a section of TV series. SO, if you are looking for free streaming TV series with full episodes, this can be the best alternative for Putlockers.

4. Cmovies

When you think of free movie streaming websites like putlockers, Cmovies is also another great alternative. Here you can find every kind of movie they like to watch online. The website also has free TV shows that the users can stream and enjoy. The website has a great interface. You can browse the movies or TV series based on genre. The website also lists the movies and TV series by country of origin. It also has top IMDB movies and TV series.

The website also has an option to request a movie or a TV series. Users can also sign up to create an account. The home page has the latest movies, movies in the cinema, “interesting for you,” and also the latest requested movies. It is a great place where users can find movies for free. It is one of the best putlockers alternative websites that you can use.

5. Movie4u

Another Putlocker alternative is Movie4u. It is a website that has thousands of movies and TV series for free. The website has a very simple interface. It is easy to navigate. The users can find their favorite TV series and movies without any hassle.

The website offers featured movies, TV shows, top IMDB movies and TV series, trending movies, and TV series. You can now search and stream online your favorite movies based on ratings. The website has a huge list of genres that the users can browse. The users can also search the movies by year of release. The home page has a lot to offer. You can click on any alphabet and view every movie and TV series starting with that alphabet. There is also a search box that the users can use to search for their favorite movie or TV series. Movie4u is the best alternative for the Putlockers website.

If you are a Korean drama lover then you should also check”Best DramaFever Alternatives

6. 5Movies

If you are looking for a free streaming site like Putlockers then you should visit 5Movies. It is a website that not only offers free online streaming but you can also download the movies from here. The website has a perfect movie categorization. Now you can stream online or download movies that are trending. You can browse the top TV shows and top movies. One of the best things about this website is that it also has an option to filter the search.

It is an advanced filter that allows you to search for movies or TV series, with various qualities such as DVD, TS, and camera. You can filter the search with various genres. The website has a huge list of genres that you can choose to filter the search. The filter makes it easy to easily stream or download your favorite movie. The website is easy to use. It has a simple home page with a search bar on it.

7. MoviesJoy

Another website that has earned the top spot for being a site similar to putlockers is MoviesJoy. The website has an updated database where you can search for the latest movies and stream for free. The best part is that the website offers HD quality streaming.

This website also has a huge list of upcoming movies on the home page. So, if you are looking for sites similar to putlocker then visit MoviesJoy. It is a great place to find movies and TV series from all over the world. Now you can watch your favorite content free of cost. The website offers a huge variety of genres. You will find the latest episodes of the TV series on the website. The home page has a search box. Now you can find your favorite movie in the breeze. You can search for movies by country also. It is one of the best alternatives for the putlockers site.

8. Primewire

Primewire is another excellent alternate for the putlockers site. If you want access to all kinds of movies and TV shows, this is the website for you. Here you can not only stream online but also download your favorite movies. It is a simple and easy-to-use website. It has a search bar on the home page. What makes this website more interesting is the menu.

On top, you will find a genre, country, movies, tv-series, and also top IMDB categories. Among these, you can also find the options for a release date, country, and top watched movies or TV series. Now you can search for your favorite movies based on release dates. You can search for movies from any year you want. This website has movies starting from the year 1900. You can also filter your search using the filter option on the top right. Primewire is one of the best alternate websites for Putlockers.

9. LOSMovies

LOS Movies is yet another great alternative for Putlocker. The website has movies, TV series, and also documentaries. So, now you do not have to visit any other website to watch your favorite documentaries online. LOS Movies is a great alternate for Putlocker. The movies, TV series, and documentaries are all in English, but the website also offers subtitles in different languages. So, now if you are watching a free movie online or downloading it from here, you can also get subtitles. It is a great website for a non-native audience.

The website has an easy-to-use interface. The home page lists all the latest movies and TV series. These are all available in HD. The menu also has an option of HD 720p. So, if you are only looking for HD movies you can click there and watch the HD movies for free. The website also has a section titled “interesting for you.”

10. AZMovies

One of the best websites like Putlockers is AZMovies. Now you can watch high-quality movies for free. The website has a great interface. It is easy to navigate and find your favorite movie here. The homepage is packed with the latest movies. You can also watch or stream the movies based on genre, featured movies, and the year of release. The website has a huge list of genres to choose from.

The website also has a search box. It has a list of featured movies on the home page. Now you can watch your favorite movies without any limits. You do not have to pay anything to watch movies online on this website. The website has a huge collection of movies. The website has movies starting from the year 1948. So, if you are looking for some old classics to stream online, this is the best website such as Putlocker.

Final Thoughts

Ever since the shutdown of Putlockers website users from all over the world has been looking for alternate sites. They have been looking for websites that offer content that was once provided by Putlockers. However, now you have various websites that you can visit and stream your favorite content. A few of these websites also allow you to download the movies. Each website is similar to the putlockers site. You will find the most recent and the most high-quality movies and TV series on these alternate websites.

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