Top 7 Health Gadgets Reviewed for 2021: Nano Hearing Aids and More

Health Gadgets

Health gadgets are offering us more solutions than ever to watch and improve our health, both physical and mental. Whether they offer pain relief, check your vital signs, or improve your quality of life. Many of these devices are smart, making it easier to control your health.

TytoHome – A remote medical examination kit

The idea behind the TytoHome hand-held examination kit was born from Tyto Care’s CEO, Dedi Gilad. The father of two was sure that a remote way of seeing the doctor was far better than visiting germ-packed emergency rooms.

With the remote exam kit, anyone can conduct a quick medical examination at home. The device can be paired with a teleconferencing app for remote consultation with a medical doctor. ThytoHome can help your doctor make a diagnosis, offer treatment advice, and prescribe medication.

The device includes a digital thermometer, a digital camera, tongue depressor, stethoscope, and otoscope for the ears. It can monitor the heart rate and body temperature and can also send digital images to your doctor. To use the TytoHome, you need a Wi-Fi internet connection and a tablet or smartphone.

Dr. Caro – Regaining mobility, dexterity, and strength

Physical therapy sessions are both expensive and not always easy to access. Dr. Caro is a device designed by a Beijing-based company called Dimension Robotics. The robotic arm of the device is designed to aid stroke patients to rebuild neural connections between their upper limbs and brain. It can also integrate with a stylus and tablet computer.

The training exercises are designed to capture the interest of the patients. Dr. Caro is not limited to stroke patients and can be used by those wanting to rebuild atrophied muscles after long recuperations or accidents. Patients or care workers can switch between assistive or resistive modes. The resistive mode is designed to help those wanting to regain dexterity and strength.


The Nano Sigma – When hearing loss is a problem

Hearing loss affects 13% of Americans, and the majority of these are over 55. Unfortunately, hearing loss can negatively impact the physical and mental health of those it affects. Many people don’t seek help immediately, mostly because they fear they cannot afford hearing aids.

The Nano Sigma is the latest model created by Nano Hearing Aid. The American-based hearing aid manufacturer is meeting the higher consumer demand for affordable online hearing aids. In this Nano Hearing Aid Review, the performance of the Nano Sigma was found to be unbelievable. The hearing aids are wireless and can be controlled by Nano mobile app. The Nano Sigma Hearing Aids can be adjusted to the results of a hearing test taken on the mobile app and accommodates all levels of hearing loss. Compared to devices like those from Unitron, the Nano Sigma Hearing Aids are more affordable, yet offer some amazing features that often surpass those of the pricey Unitron modes. Almost invisible, the devices are discreet and include directional microphone technology for absolute sound clarity. They also feature noise reduction technology to cancel out background noise and have 4 modes for choosing the best for the sound environment.

Core Meditation Trainer – When mindfulness benefits your health

Building and maintaining a meditation habit is wonderful for your health, but can sometimes be hard to enjoy. The Core meditation Trainer can transform the process while you meditate. The hand-held device is held in your hands, and its ECG sensors measure your heart rate variability and pulse. This ensures you are getting the ultimate meditation session. You can also customize your sessions with this gadget that has a sleek design and superb Core meditation app.

scan watch

ScanWatch – Track your health, even while sleeping

ScanWatch is a fitness watch that incorporates state-of-the-art medical technology in its design. It is designed by Withings, a French Company, and retains all the health and fitness tracking of their previous watch. It can now also measure your blood oxygen saturation during sleep and monitor for heartbeat irregularities.

This is a stylish smartwatch available in two sizes. It is water-resistant up to 50 meters, and its battery will last for an incredible 30 days. You can send all the information it collects to its mobile health app called Health Mate (when connected via Bluetooth).

Pax Era Pro Vaporizer – Making cannabis consumption safe

San Francisco based Pax is committed to ensuring responsible and enjoyable cannabis vaporizing experiences for consumers. With the Pax Era Pro, you are informed about the cannabis you are vaporizing. It connects to your smartphone and sends data about the strain, oil content, and test results required by most states. A user-friendly experience that offers you peace of mind.

Rocean One – Clean and healthy water that is also environmentally friendly

You can now have filtered water in a stylish way directly from your tap while you reduce your use of plastic bottles. According to Rocean, the filter was imagined in New Delhi and designed in Amsterdam. However, it was perfected in New York City to effectively remove microplastics and contaminants from your drinking water. The Rocean One has a carbon block filtration system, reusable flavor pods and a carbon dioxide tank, so you can also have flavored and carbonated water. The filtration device is also smart and will notify you when you need to change the filter.

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