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DO-178C: AFuzion Shares What It Is and Who Benefits from It


Safety is critical in the Avionics industry, and there are a lot of variables to ensure all systems function optimally. These systems involve developing software and hardware, costs, risk management, dealing with defects and malfunctions, scheduling, and getting all the necessary certifications, which can prove tedious if you want all your bases covered, but ultimately it’s necessary. Of these certifications is the DO-178C, a guideline about avionics software development.

Who is AFuzion?

AFuzion has been an industry leader in Avionics and Aviation since 1989, offering services and products to implement safety-critical protocols. As a team of engineers and managers their extensive know-how reaches worldwide; they have trained over 23, 000 engineers and managers in over 35 countries in developing the proper safety-critical software and hardware systems. Their training includes various certification courses like the DO-178C, but also DO-254, ARP4754A, DO-326A, and many others.

What is the DO-178C?

The DO-178, also known as the Software Considerations in Airborne Systems and Equipment Certification, is a document and guideline on avionics software development. It was first created in the 1980s, known as the DO-178B, and was updated to DO-178C in 2012.

Why Is It Beneficial?

AFuzion has trained more clients than all their competitors combined, and offers public and private courses; they have privately trained over 3000 aviation engineers at over 75 civil and military institutions. These courses are primarily targeted for software and hardware engineers, safety and systems engineers, quality assurance and certification personnel, as well as managers.

Their private training is highly sought after, and with more than 4 attendees for any training they offer an unlimited attendees option, additionally attendees can obtain free resources like whitepapers, checklists and templates all developed by AFuzion’s team themselves and downloadable from their website.

The variety of courses and training options available are extensive and include Aviations Systems Training (ARP4754A), Aircraft and System Safety Training (ARP4761A), Aviation Quality Management System Training (AS9115A), CAST-32A and Multi-Core Processing Training, Basic and Advanced DO-178C Training (with various supplementary courses), Aeronautical Database Training, Basic and Intermediate Avionics Hardware Training, Aviation Ground Systems Training, Cyber Security Training, Model-Based Development Training, Compliance Training,  Design/Development Training, Automotive Safety Training, Safety-Critical Real-time Operating Systems (RTOS) and Quality Systems and Assurance Training.

Afuzion offers over 50 courses per year, and is recognized as a permanent member at conferences like Aerospace Tech Week, Electronics Valley, Society of Aerospace Engineers (SAE), and Digital Avionics Systems Conference (IEEE DASC). Their public courses include the DO-178C (Software) and DO-254 (Hardware) Training, the ARP4754A Aircraft and Avionics Systems), and DO-326A (Aviation and Cyber Security) Training.

Final Takeaway

While the DO-178C training is mandatory, it is beneficial to software engineers, as well as development personnel and certification bodies. It acts as a ‘framework’ to ensure that critical-safety software system requirements are up to standard. Visit AFuzion’s website for more information about public or private training regarding the DO-178C, as well as access to whitepapers and training videos.

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