These Best-Selling Adventure Toolkits are Trending Right Now


Adventure toolkits are designed to offer useful features, making them easy to pull out and use. Toolkits can vary in weight and function, but some are so amazing that they have become best sellers. If you are an adventurer and are looking for a suitable multitool, these outdoor toolkits are trending right now.


At the top of the list of best outdoor adventure toolkits is ACLIM8’s COMBAR Pro. The toolkit was launched last year and became an instant hit. Two former Israeli Special Forces operatives and full-time adventurers used their experience downrange to create a toolkit like no other. The materials (titanium, aerospace grade aluminum and stainless steel) together with the functionality of the hammer, ax, spade knife, and saw make this a noteworthy proposition. What stands out to serious adventurers though, is the design of the COMBAR PRO.

Modern and minimal, the COMBAR PRO is also compact and lightweight with a length of 15.75” and a weight of 3.2 lbs. It also has dedicated space in the handle for the knife and saw which can also be used for insertion of customized magazine kits. Its holster is designed to make it easy to carry and allows instant access when the toolkit is needed for rapid action. No lengths were spared in creating this Red Dot Design Award winning product.

2.      Gerber 30-000469 Dime Toolkit

This is a sturdy stainless-steel toolkit designed to fit perfectly in your pocket as you adventure outdoors. The compact and lightweight design includes 10 handy tools for the ultimate adventurer. These include a wirecutter, blade, scissors, and needle-nose spring-loaded pliers. The butterfly opening is easy to access, allowing you to conveniently open the toolkit when needed.

3.      RoverTac Survival Multi Tool

This is one of Amazon’s top sellers and the heavy-duty multitool combines 14 different tools, including an ax, hammer, saw, and knife. Adventurers and survivalists have all the tools they need on hand with the RoverTac, and it is impressively strong and reliable.

The toolkit is made from durable black oxidized stainless steel and has a red handle. It comes with a solid nylon sheath that has a Velcro flap. This makes the multitool easy to carry and access. The RoverTac weighs 14.9 ounces and is 7 inches in length.

4.      Leatherman Surge

Another popular heavy-duty multipurpose toolkit for adventure enthusiasts is the Leatherman Surge. It weighs in at just 335 grams but has an impressive 21 tools that include two pliers, wire cutters, and full-size lockable blades. The Leatherman Surge is made in the USA, and the whole toolkit is made from durable stainless steel, including its handles. It too comes with a convenient nylon sheath.

5.      Victorinox Swiss Army SwissChamp Officer’s Knife

The SwissChamp by Victorinox is the iconic toolkit designed to take anywhere. The pocket knife/toolkit only weighs 6 ounces and is just 3.6 inches long. It fits comfortably in your pocket when you are in the wilderness.

The trusted quality of the Swiss-made army knife offers 33 functions with a tool for any task, including wood saw, metal saw, pliers, and fishing accessories. Its blades can be resharpened at a 15 to 20-degree angle, and the steel construction is encased in the polished red ABS handles that make it instantly recognizable.

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