Areas of Your Office That Needs Extra Cleaning

Extra Cleaning

Your office is a reflection of your business and the way you run it. If your office is dirty and unorganized, it will give off a bad impression to clients, customers and even employees.

Your office should be clean at all times so that clients feel comfortable visiting your place of business. A clean and organized office also reflects well on your company’s image.

Having a clean work environment will also make it easier for you to focus on your tasks at hand so that you can accomplish more things in less time. Below you can see the areas here where we need more cleaning:

The kitchen area – The kitchen area is usually where the most messes are made, as it is the place where everyone goes to get a cup of coffee or tea during their break times, which means there is always something spilled on the floor. Employees who like eating in the office tend to drop crumbs everywhere as well.

To keep your kitchen area clean, you can hire professional cleaners for this job if you do not want to spend time cleaning it yourself and prefer spending more time doing your work instead.

The reception area – The reception area is another area that needs extra cleaning because this is where people come in contact with your business first before they go into their offices to discuss things with other employees. If this area is not kept clean and tidy at all times, then it might give off the wrong impression about your business when customers visit you.

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Office equipment

The computer screen and keyboard need to be cleaned every day. This is because the keys and screen collect germs, dust and other particles which can lead to health problems if not cleaned regularly. Also, keep in mind that computers tend to attract moisture from their surroundings, so they should not be placed near any water source.

The mouse should also be cleaned on a daily basis since it gets dirty easily. You can use a cotton bud dipped in alcohol or vinegar for this purpose. If the mouse is wired, disconnect it first before cleaning it so as not to damage any wires.

Other office equipment such as printers, scanners and fax machines should also be cleaned regularly because these too get dirty easily due to all the paper dust that accumulates around them.

Ventilation systems and air filters: If you have an air conditioning system in your office then make sure that it is regularly maintained by an expert technician. This will ensure that there is no blockage in the ventilation system which may cause serious health problems for your employees. Check the filters once every month or so to see if they need changing or cleaning.

Carpets, couches and chairs: While you might think that these are pretty clean as they are regularly vacuumed and cleaned, the reality is that they are home to a lot of dirt and dust.

You can use a vacuum cleaner with a brush attachment to eliminate most of it. It’s better to use a carpet cleaner for your carpet so you can clean it in an efficient way. Visit to buy one that complete all your requirements.

For the stubborn stains and spills, use an upholstery cleaner.

Learn more about the importance of cleaning for your home as well as for your office, on this website:

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