The Complete Guide to Picking Car Audio Systems: Everything to Know

Car Audio Systems

The global revenue for automotive aftermarket audio is growing by over 6.5% a year. As car manufacturers try to offer lower-priced vehicles while increasing fuel efficiency, costs have to be cut somewhere. The car audio system is the part that usually suffers, so how do you change it?

If you are not sure where to begin, then we can help. Read on as we discuss picking car audio systems that are right for you.

What Fits Your Car?

With older models, most audio system options could fit into lots of different cars. However, as infotainment systems have become more popular, incorporating visual displays, you need one that will fit your specific model. Check online to see which are compatible and see if you need any special kits or connectors to go with it.

Consider How You Listen to Music

There are more ways than ever to consume music. While this is great for the consumer, not all car audio system features will be used by everyone. This can mean people end up paying for added extras they don’t need.

If you play music from your phone or drives, then make sure the system has Bluetooth connectivity or a USB input. Many people still choose to use their CD collection; compatibility with these is important for these people.

Other people may want to use streaming services directly, which could be built into the infotainment system. Particular radio stations, either on radio waves or the internet could also need special access.

Do You Want Non-Music Functions?

There are several related features you may decide to include in your car audio system provider. The most obvious of these is satellite navigation and GPS systems. Navigation screens are much larger than phones, making them much easier and safer to follow.

Some stereos can also have CarPlay and Android Auto. These are Apple and Google’s respective apps for placing your phone onto the in-car system. It can allow you to use music, navigational programs, and take calls through the car system.

Switching Out Speakers

If your main goal is purely to increase the quality of the audio in your car, then you can leave the dashboard system in and change the speakers instead. What many people do not realize is that speakers in a factory system are often restricted by both budget and weight, making the quality poor.

Any factory system that does not have a subwoofer present will be lacking in power. Many frequencies will be missing from your favorite audio tracks. As such, many people choose to replace them with aftermarket products.

There are numerous brands and types of speakers you can consider, depending on your audio system budget. Do your research about major brands like Alphasonik and see what your budget will allow. After this, speak with experts and check online customer reviews.

Picking Car Audio Systems

Now you know how to begin picking car audio systems, set out a budget. It won’t cost much to improve your system to a better standard than the factory-supplied ones. Most people are going with 6.75 Car Speakers For Bass. If you are the one who likes to buy base car speakers then visit

If you enjoyed this article, we have many more. With everything from choosing a new car to maintaining it, let us help you get the most from your ride in the coming year. Learn more about vehicle’s audio system related topics and their estimated value, on this website:

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