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Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends in 2020 Influencing Online Business

Digital Marketing

2020 is the year when the demand for digitization of marketing space has seen a surge. Businesses are taking digitization more seriously than ever.

They are learning and improving their marketing game further while shifting the focus on the use of more sophisticated and digitally advanced tools. This zeal to grow digitally has given rise to a new set of digital marketing trends; here is an overview of the top 5 ones.

Learning from Physical Surveys Replaced by Machine Learning

Marketing mostly involves the study of user characteristics and expectations and developing products and services based on these.

Surveys and market research, including focus groups and sampling kiosks, played a very important role in this process. Due to the prevalence of online forums and online ways of searching and buying products, surveys of physical nature have gone digital.

The concept of machine learning has come to the fore in consonance with the changing market research procedures. Using data sources like discussions on social media, online account activation, and profile generation, and e-commerce interactions, the businesses generate loads of data.

This humongous amount of data requires more sophisticated code-breakers than manual interpretation. That is why; machine learning-based marketing data analyzers are ruling the roost and giving the interpretations more accurate and finer in quality, and more unbiased than ever.

Conclusively, machine learning-enabled predictive modeling has risen to popularity and offers the required inputs for better products or services.

Catalogs giving way to VR models and tours

If the physical market research has been replaced by machine learning, the marketing merchandise has also gone through digital transformation. What the catalogs used to do in earlier times, the Augmented Reality models and tours are currently doing.

With the insertion of a Virtual Reality tour or 360o view of the products on the product page, and explainer videos showing the practical use, the impact of marketing efforts has increased manifold. VR uses the following aspects of interaction to yield a 40% increase in the success rate of marketing efforts:

  • Interactivity – Bots answering queries and providing solutions
  • Visual-spatial cues – Realistic look of a product or place
  • Graphics quality – 3D models for a better look at product features

Voice Search – a digitized form of sifting through the business directory

Featured snippets have taken the place of billboards. It is estimated that voice search is ruling about 50% of the product or service search activities, and what appears first is a featured snippet. So, marketing geniuses need to get content that qualifies to earn a featured snippet.

Only appearing in the first three ranks of Google or other search engines is not the passion anymore. The voice search has changed the rule of the game and is now inspiring the businesses to be aggressive on the occupancy of place in featured snippets or ‘position zero,’ which are the first results that the consumers get by way of voice search.

More Conversion-Oriented Posts on Social Media

The buyers are quite active on social media, so why not convert the prospective leads then and there only? The success of e-commerce and more sophistication in online buying processes have replaced on-field sales and marketing with sellable Instagram or FB post. The marketers can drive more sales by giving the option of buying by merely enabling the selling of products from the social media post. It is quite a measurable trend and an interactive one as well. The marketers can get the response instantly through comments and respond to the queries/complaints/suggestions without wasting a second. This instantaneous approach of marketing is showing its impact in the form of improved conversion rates.

Interactive Content Marketing and User-Generated Content

Gone are the days when having a huge celebrity for endorsement was perceived to be the ticket to marketing success.

The interactive online content creators have shown that user-generated content has more profound and extended reach than a celebrity endorsement. People need solutions they can adopt in their lives; they are not looking for a lifestyle they cannot afford to have.

So, creating a content strategy depending upon the target audience and marketing it in multiple platforms simultaneously is a new trend catching up with marketers.

Wrapping Up

All the trends mentioned above suggest one common thing: the requirement of being able to cater to an intelligent and tech-savvy audience. Consumers are learning and adopting newer ways of searching for solutions; accordingly, buyers need to tweak in the technologically inclined changes in marketing efforts to complement those search methods.

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