Signs You Need Commercial Roof Restoration


Re-roofing a commercial building can become hefty on the pocket. Hence, one should keep track of the damages affecting the roof. Not paying attention to these damages can lead to permanent damage to the roof. This damage might then need a complete roof replacement which can lead to greater loss of time and money. According to the best roofers in Houston, paying attention to the roof can tell you when a repair is needed and get it done within the required time.

Your roof gets a beating every day due to the extreme weather conditions. Due to which it might need regular maintenance checks. The roof ages with time, and depending on the type and age of your roof, you might need to repair it accordingly. To know if it’s time to restore your roof, you should know the signs for the same. Here are six signs you might need a roof restoration:

  1. Water Incursion

This is a major reason for damage to the roof. The best evidence for you to repair your roof is if water evades into the premises. Signs of leakage and dripping, puddles, and minor flooding mean you need to get your roof repaired. If you see stains on the ceilings and the walls and feel a rise in the humidity, it’s time to repair that roof. On seeing these signs, one should immediately call a certified roofing company for restoring the roof.

  1. An increase in the utility bills

A roof prevents a building from damage, but that is not its only significance. It works as a cover for the vents and the insulation system. This, in turn, keeps the building cool and comfortable for its residents. It also reflects the sun rays during the summers, which helps to keep the building hydrated. If the energy bills rise, it refers to the compromising quality of the roof. It could be due to weather, birds, or animals or pressure from any heavy items placed on the roof. This can lead to the reflective coating wearing off.

Local roofing and restoration of the roof become a necessity here, and if not done on time, it could lead to permanent damage.

  1. Blocked gutters

If there is rain falling on the roof, there should also be a drain system. Having an efficient drain system ensures that there is no water clogging on the roof. It also ensures that the water is not seeping into the building. If that is not happening, then there is clogging of the drains. A clogged drain pools up water on the roof & it also forces water under the materials intended to protect the roof, which leads to moisture build-up.

According to the best roofers in Houston, this can become a big problem during the rainy season. To avoid clogged gutters and water build-up, one should restore the roof as soon as possible.

  1. Cracks and holes

If there are tiles on the roof and they become cracked or start getting holes, restoration becomes necessary. It takes just one damaged or cracked tile for water to seep into your building. This can affect the insulation and can stain the walls and ceiling as well. Damaged tiles can further create molds which only consume 24 hours to grow in a moist environment and damage everything.

Molds love carpets, wet walls, and insulations and can lead to a growth of spores on them. Furthermore, this can create stains and leave an odour. Water seepage from a cracked tile can also rot wood and lead to a termite attack. Hence, to avoid the falling of the structure of the building, local roofing and restoration of the roof become essential.

  1. Gaps in the seaming

Roofs require seams that connect waterproofing materials on your roof’s decking almost at all times. This is done to fasten the waterproof membranes from screws, bolts, and adhesives. Most of the roofs have seams, and they need a careful review at regular intervals of time. Performing a close review will show you the area where water can come in from and can easily be fixed. A certified roofing company should immediately be called for fixing the same.


Roof restoration should be done whenever there is damage caused to the roof. The restoration will depend on what’s damaged— it could be the cracked tiles or the metal roof that has eroded. It could also be for clogged drains or poor insulation material. One should always keep an eye out for these kinds of damages before they turn permanent. Restoring them at the correct time reduces the maintenance as well as the money spent by you for the protection of your home.

If you have undertaken a thorough inspection of the roof and have found some wear and tear, it’s better to restore the roof at that time than waiting for for more damage to take place!

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