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There used to be a time when super pocket bikes were limited to only televised racing events but soon people realized the fun, entertainment, and thrill offered by these amazing rides and they became a part of every modern-day garage. If you look at the market of super pocket bikes then you will notice an exponential growth as the word about the arrival of new super pocket bikes spreads like a wildfire.

From electric pocket bikes to gas pocket bikes, from adult pocket bikes to kid pocket bikes, now there are a myriad of options in the pocket bike category. It might have taken a long time for super pocket bikes to travel from racing events to everyone’s garage, but the journey so far has been fruitful for both the sellers and buyers of pocket bikes.

To make you a little more familiar with the world of pocket bikes, we have come up with top 5 fun facts that every pocket bike lovers must know –

If you go back to the roots of pocket bikes, then you will find that it all started with Doodle Bug Scooter. This scooter was very popular but its fame lasted only for 2 years. The most unique thing about these scooters was their compact size and tiny tiers, but even during its short run of 2 years, there were more than 40,000 scooters manufactured and sold by Beam Manufacturing Company.

This mini-sized scooter became an inspiration for many automobile manufacturers of the 1950 era and they soon came up with the concept of mini bikes. There are stories about an enthusiast that made the first mini bike in his garage and then sold the idea to an automobile company.

  • Fun racing events

During the first couple of years of the introduction of super pocket bikes, they never made it to the garages of normal people since they were used for racing events only. During the late 1970s, super pocket bike racing events were one of the most popular events in all over Japan. But all the super pocket bikes that were used at that time in Japan were made with very cheap parts as they were meant for racing only.

The Italians liked the idea of a super pocket bike racing event and they started organizing such racing events in their own country. But instead of using cheap parts, Italians started using costly parts for the pocket bikes that they used in the racing events.

  • Super pocket bikes are upgradable

There must be millions of pocket bike fanatics from all around the world but you will be surprised to know that a majority of them aren’t aware of the fact that super pocket bikes are upgradable as well. You should know that you can upgrade your pocket bike, regardless of its company and size just like you upgrade your normal bike. If you have basic knowledge about the parts of a pocket bike then you will be able to upgrade it for speed, control, and even for better performance.

For example, you can go for upgrading the complete exhaust system of your super pocket bike, and then you will notice a huge difference in the performance of your pocket bike. If you are not sure about the parts, then you will need to take help from professionals.

  • Super pocket bikes have guidelines

If you think that you can take your super pocket bike on highways and normal roads without any hassle, then you are completely wrong about it. Super pocket bikes have completely different sets of rules when it comes to riding on normal roads and highways. There are some states in America that have implemented a complete ban on using pocket bikes on roads while other states allow using pocket bikes on roads with some special conditions.

If you are not sure whether pocket bikes are legal in your state or not then try registering your pocket bike. If your pocket bike gets registered, then it will be legal to take your pocket bike on the normal roads and highways.

  • Track events

Your backyard is not the only place where you can enjoy your pocket bike ride. If you are good at riding pocket bikes and looking for some fun and adventure, then you will need to start looking for local track events that are organized in almost all the states. These track events have particular requirements that you will need to fulfil, and then you will be on-board with other racers on the track to compete for the prize.

Pocket bikes are small packages of unlimited fun, thrill, and entertainment and that’s why making them a part of your garage is surely a good option. Venom Motorsports offers a wide array of pocket bike options at a budget-friendly price; Just look for the right pocket bike according to your driving skill, age, and experience and unleash the unique experience.

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