Serious signs that say your dog is depressed!

Serious signs that say your dog is depressed

The furry four-legged creatures in our home are like a family member to us! We all just love our dogs and proudly call ourselves pet parents! But hey dear parent, do you know that your dog can be depressed too? Yes! Just like humans, even dogs get withdrawn and feel low and depressed. It’s only that they can’t speak it loud like humans do. But of course, they do show some visible signs that you need to pick up and help them out.

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Ø Clear signs of a depressed dog!

You love your dog like your own child, don’t you? And anything that makes it sad leaves you depressed too. That is why the moment you realise that your dog shows the symptoms or signs of depression, do take them to Holistic Paws = Waggy Tails for dog training in Perth. They’ll find out the issue behind their sadness and help to restore their wellbeing along with training them in the best possible way. Once you have visited them, you’ll definitely find your pet more happy and healthy! As for the serious signs of depression in your dogs, read on!

o Uneven eating habits — Most dogs lose their appetite when they feel low. They’ll rarely smell their food let alone eat it. While in some cases, these pets indulge themselves in eating to deal with the depression. This obviously lets them gain lots of weight in a very short period of time. Do check their appetite regularly and understand if there is an unevenness that depicts depression in your dog.

o Sleeps all the time — Dogs sleep a lot! Nothing new in it. But they tend to sleep when you go away from them. After you are back, they do welcome you and play around for sometime asking your attention. But recently your dog is doing no such thing! The matter seems really serious and needs a solution soon!

o Seems uninterested and withdrawn— Normally, you throw a ball towards your dog, it will jump to catch it! Even running kids around the house excite them! But if your dog isn’t responding to these activities, call experts immediately!

o Paw licking — Normally, a dog licks its paw for some moments at intervals during a day. But if they are seen licking their paws constantly or more often, then it’s due to depression! Dogs lick their paws to soothe themselves when they are hurt or sad.

o Hiding or shy behaviour— Your dog would definitely not hide or shy away from you. And if it does avoid you and hide in a corner then maybe it is due to a feeling of deep sadness. It doesn’t want to connect with any human if it is avoiding its master.

o Abnormal or weird behaviour— Lastly, if your dog shows any kind of abnormal or weird kind of behaviour in front of you or your guests, then stay alert. Though there are chances of some physical issues too, if everything is alright physically, then your dog is really depressed!

Just like a human shouldn’t stay sad for long to prevent any kind of health issue, even your dog need not stay in this condition for long. Ensure to get professional help immediately for its well-being and great health. Additionally, setting up a pet insurance plan will also go a long way in ensuring long-term health of your pet.

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