Rose Burillo – How to Learn Spanish When You Move to Mexico

How to Learn Spanish When You Move to Mexico

Contrary to what I believed when I first moved to Mexico City, not everyone speaks English, in fact, it is pretty scarce. I already had a little bit of Spanish, to a conversational level, but I didn’t have the depth or the confidence to get out in the street and to actually speak it. And so I had to make adjustments and work hard so that I could improve how I spoke.

As my friend Rose Burillo told me when I arrived here, learning the language is essential in understanding the people, and in scratching beneath the surface with regards to the culture. It isn’t easy but if you work hard then you can certainly ensure that your Spanish is to a high level, and here are some tips on doing so.

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Confidence plays a huge part in learning the language, which is tricky because you need to speak to gain confidence, but you need confidence to speak. No matter how good you think your Spanish is, you have to open your mouth and give it a try, even if that comes with some level of embarrassment. The more you speak, the more mistakes you’ll make and the quicker that you will learn.


There is nothing more uncomfortable than being surrounded by people who don’t speak your language, and who speak language that you don’t understand. This however is going to very quickly help you to improve your language because it is sink or swim in this type of situation, and sinking just isn’t an option. Look for any opportunity that you can to immerse yourself in this language.

Ten a Day

Once you have cracked the grammatical structure, the key will be loading up on as much vocabulary as you possibly can. In order to do this you could opt to learn 10 words each and every day, for 6 days of the week. If you are able to do this and then repeat your learning on the 7th day of the week, then you could be learning anywhere between 40 and 60 words a week. Always remember to try and actually use the words which you are learning, in a conversation. Repetition is the father of learning, be sure that you remember this and that you always look to review your knowledge.


Even if this is something which you feel you can take care of on your own, there is a great deal of value which you will get from taking some classes. You won’t have to enroll in a school or anything like that, there are many who will give you classes in cafes and such, for a very good price. Take a look on social media for people who speak English and who will help you to learn Spanish, this could be a great way to make some friends as well.

Focus and work hard to make sure that you are able to speak great Spanish during your time in Mexico.

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