Charles Wooten – Learnings From Lockdown

Learnings From Lockdown

I saw a great video last week by the brilliant lifestyle expert Charles Wooten, speaking about the potential for a second quarantine. The nature of the video was not that we should resist it or that we should complain about its coming, although for many I know this will be an option. No, the message which he was trying to get across was that we should learn from what has happened over the last 6 months and be fully prepared for the coming quarantine, should it arrive. Now this is a scary prospect for many but, unlike the first time around, this time we can be fully prepared for what is about to come.

Buddying Up

Aside from those at risk of the virus those who were most vulnerable from the actual lockdown were those who were on their own. This is a dangerous thing and whilst many of us can deal with this in the short term, anything longer than a week or so can become very problematic indeed. With this in mind, it may make sense for you to buddy up with someone prior to the quarantine kicking in, so that you can ensure that you have the support and the companionship that you need.


Many of us have regrets about how we used, or mis-used that time during quarantine, this is something which we may very well have a chance to rectify. For example there were many people who seriously wanted to address their fitness but failed to do so, if the opportunity comes around again then this is once again something which we should look to focus on.

Mental Health

Whilst there were a lot of experts recommending it, the truth is that many of us were guilty of not looking after our mental health as well as we should have done. It can be very easy under lockdown circumstances, to slip into a lazy, sedentary way of life, and this isn’t good for the mind. Given that this next lockdown may take place in the winter, it will be even easier to live that kind of life. With this in mind, be sure that you are conscious of your mental wellbeing and how best to look after it.


Underpinning the lockdown issues which many had, was the lack of a project to work towards, something tangible for people to get their teeth stuck into. This has to change this time around, if it comes, because it is so essential for us all to have something that we are working towards. This could be learning a new skill, it could be picking up a hobby or perhaps even staying for a particular qualification. What this will do is give you something to work towards, a clear focus in your mind of something that you have to aim for and it is something which will also keep you occupied.

If the worst should happen, these are the areas to focus on.

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