Roger Wolfson’s Tips for Football Fans During Quarantine

Roger Wolfson’s Tips for Football Fans During Quarantine

I have always felt that if you are a sports fan then quarantine wouldn’t b so bad, even if there was no live sporting action to watch. Just last week in fact I watched an interview with Roger Wolfson, the incredible screen writer, who was discussing how he had been filling his time. At one point Roger spoke about how he was a sports fan so things were all good, and I couldn’t agree with him more. Football in particular is a sport which is enjoyed the world over and if you love the Beautiful Game too, then here are just a few ways in which you can enjoy the quarantine and throw yourself into the deep end.

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Football Gaming

I must warn you that this is only an option if you have some level of self control and you don’t have too much work to do, but a game like Championship Manager is pretty much designed for lockdown. This game sees you become the manage of a team and you control almost every aspect of the club, trying to find success. If however you do not have the self control or the time to play a game like Championship Manager then perhaps a game such as FIFA 20 or Pro Evo will be a better option, still get your kicks, just spending less time doing so.

Fantasy Team

We are just a couple of weeks away from the new Premier League season, so this is the perfect time to get your fantasy team in place. Those who do well in the fantasy leagues are those who really apply some science and logic to their picks, in order to do that you need to find resources which can provide you with data on the players. Usually most of us don’t have the time for this, but given that we have a lot more time on hands than we usually do, this could be the opportune moment to do this.


This is also a great time to take a trip down memory lane and it has never been easier to do so. he likes of YouTube and DailyMotion have an absolutely wealth of videos which you can watch that will chart football through the ages. You can watch the best goals of your favorite players, you can watch classic matches in full and you can fill your time by watching as much football as your brain can handle. There is just so much out there that once you get started, you will find that the hours pass by very rapidly indeed. If you do have a spare hour or so, then this is the perfect way to fill your time and enjoy some football.

If you are a sports fan, or a football fan more importantly, then these are some great ways to help you fill the time until the lockdown is over, and in fact, to enjoy your time during quarantine.

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