Must Have Apps for Dog Owners

Must Have Apps for Dog Owners

Taking care of your pets is a full time job. They are living creatures that require time and it’s not just feeding time and taking them out for a walk, it’s much more.

It’s about interacting with them and spending quality time with them. Each word of praise is important. You’ll have them trained by simply spending time with them. Equally of importance is understanding how they’re different from us. Knowing that, we can take better care for them.

Understandably, not all of us excel in these areas but that is nothing to worry about. With the technology we have today, you can do anything. So, without further ado here are some apps every dog owner should have.


Clickers are quite effective in training puppies and this app gives you just that along with step-by-step instructions in picture format. This is sure to minimize error from your side and get your dog to do things like sitting on command in no time. What’s more, it even teaches you how to train them in advanced tricks like skateboarding. Featuring star dog trainers Sara Carson & The Super Collies this app gives you expert advice through live chat that’ll get your furry friend to listen to you. If you keep practicing, you’ll have a well-trained dog in no time! With the trackers that come with it, you’ll be able to measure your progress and record all the milestones achieved as well.

The Rover App

Walking your dog can become a pain, especially if you have a tough schedule. However, this is one thing that you must do no matter what. It is essential for the dog’s physical and mental health. If you need help in this department, then simply download The Rover App.

It connects you to tons of pet sitters and dog walkers in your area. You can read reviews and browse through pictures to find a suitable person. Once you find someone, shoot them a message and figure out what timings work for the two of you. Next, book your slot and make payment through the secure Rover app. Finding good help has never been this easy!


The one-stop shop for all your things pet related, this is a must have app on every phone. It helps you find all the pet-friendly parks in your neighborhood as well as grooming businesses, etc. You also get access to training guides and advice on how to care for your canine friends. What’s more, it also connects you with veterinary help. With this app you’ll know exactly who to call and at what number. If you don’t have a puppy already and are planning to get one, ScritchSpot has that covered as well. Just take a quiz with them and it’ll match you with a poodle up for adoption. Neat, isn’t it?

Pet First Aid from American Red Cross

The furry balls zooming around the house and on the streets can get into a lot of mischief. Training takes care of most of it, but accidents happen right? And, when they happen, you’d do well to be prepared for it. Getting the Pet First Aid from American Red Cross then is not optional.

This app has the answers to all your emergency situations. It offers step-by-step instructions for more than 25 scenarios as well how-to videos. What’s more, it also offers you details of the nearest vet and pet hospital.

Human-to-Dog Translator

You’d save yourself so much pain and anguish if you could figure out exactly what it is that your dog is saying. A barking session is never a fun episode and with this app, it won’t ever be long. Sure, it can’t literally translate dog speech but it can help your relationship with your pet. The app boasts of a library of barking sounds you can play to tease your dog. Record their reaction and try finding out if they’re happy or disgruntled by it. You can use that as a reference to what they’re saying.


Spreading the love is a noble deed and if you think you’re up for another pet, or are simply wondering where to start, join WeRescue. Practically a dating app albeit for finding yourself an animal friend, it shows you tons of dogs for you to swipe. You can even set filters for things like size, breed and personality to ensure you get the perfect fit for your family. And, it’s not just limited to dogs, you can even get an iguana or a horse. Isn’t that cool?

Final Words

These apps really improve the dynamics with your canine friend by helping you not only train them but also take care of them better. All you need is a good internet connection like Spectrum to run them. Once connected you’ll have all the help you need in the palm of your hands. No emergency situation will ever faze you nor any chore ever seem daunting. So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and enjoy your times with your furry friends.

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