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LoranoCarter+Dallas: The Legacy of Lorano’s Company


LoranoCarter+Dallas Introduction

LoranoCarter+Dallas, Texas – December 4, 1916 – July 15, 2009 was born in Corsicana, Navarro County. Her mother died when she was three and her father remarried four years later to a woman who did not want children. At the age of nine Lorano and her brother were sent to an orphanage run by Catholic nuns. A few years later they were placed with an aunt and uncle on a farm near Tyler. 

Lorano Carter Early life and education

LoranoCarter+Dallas attended St Joseph’s Academy in Bryan where she received a teaching certificate at the age of eighteen. She then taught school for one year before attending business college in Fort Worth where she studied stenography and typing; prior to that time most women only learned how to be homemakers or secretaries as there were no career opportunities open to them back then. After completing her studies at Business College-Fort Worth branch, Carter moved back home eastwardly first living briefly in Jacksonville with cousins followed by Houston Heights vicinity Lone Star Brewery district boarding housekeeping job live-in 10 room capacity transforming it weekly from single occupants into two-bedroom suite six days/wk so I could myself eat study preserving bottles which gives me cash income also part owner Beaumont refinery products distributing company).

Lorano Carter Career

In Carter’s first job was as a stenographer for an oil company in Houston. She soon realized that she could make more money by working as a live-in housekeeper, which gave her the added benefit of being able to preserve food in bottles and thus generate some cash income on the side. She did this for several years before moving to Beaumont, Texas, where she became part owner of a products distribution company.

Lorano Carter Death

LoranoCarter+Dallas, the founder of Lorano’s Company, died on July 15, 2009, at the age of 93. She was a trailblazer in the food preservation industry and will be remembered for her many contributions to that field. Her company developed innovative methods for preserving food that are still used today, and she was an early advocate for using science-based methods to improve the quality and safety of preserved foods. Ms. Carter is survived by her son Alan Carter and daughter Carla Garrett.

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