Latest Hydraulic Excavator Development: Caterpillar

Latest Hydraulic Excavator Development Caterpillar

Caterpillar is a name that every individual associated with the construction industry is aware of and the construction equipment industry leader has ferociously defended its leaders via the development of their latest hydraulic excavators. These excavators according to a report released by IVT (Industrial Vehicle Technology) that was based on a press release by Caterpillar are poised to rattle the hydraulic mini excavator market. The all-new Caterpillar 302.7 CR, 303 CR and 303.5 CR hydraulic compact excavators boasts enhanced operating efficiency, easy maintenance and servicing and operator comfort with a series of industry-first features to boot. These machines classified under the 2.7- to 3.5-ton class machines were developed under the Next Generation platform that has been tuned towards the benefits associated with consistent operator experience also featured under the 1.5- to 10-ton range. All models feature the unique and exclusive stick steer complete with cruise control. Other operator adjustable elements include the tilt canopy which has been established as a standard for all new CAT machines.

According to a senior marketing spokesperson from CAT also added that the new models come with enhanced part use (common parts) along the entire component design that has been consolidated with a robust exterior design. The design was also developed towards enhancing or rather reducing component inventory investment which effectively reduce repair/ maintenance costs. According to the spokesperson, even daily maintenance has been rendered to be managed easily as they may be conducted from ground level via side doors. Even the tilt-up canopy/ cab design offers unmatched access to components for replacing parts and servicing. The raised levels of service intervals also add to the amount of time excavator hire machines spend on the job and instead of in workshops. All these features according to CAT effectively lower ownership costs by 5% at the minimum comparatively to models prior to these. The enhancements to the designs of the CAT 302.7 CR, 303 CR and 303.5 CR add approximately 10% to performance related to travel and trenching works whereas the hydraulic upgrades enhance the lifting performance and cycle times of these machines significantly. Both the 302 and 303 CR models are powered by Cat C1.1 Turbo engine whilst the 303.5 is powered by the CAT C1.7 powertrain. These engines are well above the EU Stage V emissions standards despite the 17.6 kW of power that these engines offer. The engines are also fitted with a standardised Standard auto idle and auto engine shutdown feature which plays a significant role towards conserving fuel use which enhances cost savings related to fuel efficiency in the long run.

The press release also points out that the unprecedented flexibility of these machines which increases performance is crucial towards the success of urban projects. Other elements of features worth mentioning about the new developments that have been inserted to the new Next Generation hydraulic mini excavator hire machinery is the compact radius swing that lowers the level of overhang which make them perfect for performing in confined spaces on top of the undercarriage widths of 1,500, 1550 and 1780 mm.

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