How to avoid a cringe corporate Christmas party? 3 fun ideas

Christmas party

You cannot avoid Christmas without any corporate parties if you have a job. Some party face colleagues will enjoy that special afternoon. However, the vast majority of the employees wish just to survive those hours. That’s sad, anyway, because the original goal of these corporate parties was to have the coworkers have a little good time together, strengthening the team spirit. Can you imagine such a party where most employees can take off the official mask, just be themselves without cringe-making feelings? With the assistance of American Escape Rooms, we have collected three fun ideas to do so!

The indications of the corporate parties

Even if you work at home office, you spend most of the week with your colleagues. Besides the obligatory communications, even unwillingly, you will start to get to know each other better and begin to see the other more like a person with emotions rather than just as a working tool.

Corporate parties are a type of team building. In the companies, the leaders emphasize teamwork because they have already realized that cooperation between their employees is essential for efficiency. Therefore, team buildings are organized several times a year. Let’s explore those fun activities that can make the corporate parties fulfill this duty.

1. Special Secret Santa

Secret Santa is a lovely tradition around Christmastime. It’s a fair “business”: each person gives and gets a present for about an even amount of money. In the case of Special Secret Santa, an alternative form of team building, you will give everybody a gift and receive the same quantity of presents from them for free.

After the “warming up chat” at the corporate party, the host should write on a whiteboard the names of the people present at the party and deliver blank cards and pens to everyone. The task is that everybody should write a personal message for each colleague. Some nice words, funny stories that occurred during the year, wisecracks of the boss, amusing memos of a vow for the new year, or some good wishes.

The notes are supposed to be short, compact, and dense. You shouldn’t spend the whole party composing them. Maximum 2 minutes for each people!

When everybody is ready with it, let’s make a circle and read out those not too personal! This way, you can get a little insight into the overwork relations and laugh at the funny stories. Team buildings should not always be hardworking! The practice of “Laughing together at ourselves” can often make team cohesion even more potent than anything else.

2. Escape room

If you and your colleagues would prefer to escape from the official environment finally and challenge another site of their minds, the most appropriate place is an escape room! The goal of the escape games is to find the way out of the actual room by solving mind-boggling puzzles in cooperation with the team members. So, escape games are more like a typical team-building activity.

The players are under stress because they are responsible for their colleagues. They might have to make decisions. They should ask and communicate even with colleagues they might have avoided contact with before, and the time is progressively running out!

Escape games allow everybody to start conversations with colleagues who are unavailable to communicate with during working hours.

Playing escape games build up team cohesion and make it stronger. The puzzles are solvable only by yourself; however, the limited time doesn’t make it possible; anyway, you need your team!

Escape rooms have distinct themes; however, they all have a suspicious, mysterious atmosphere. This surrounding contributes to behaving in a more natural, unofficial way in the escape room. It’s time to reveal the hidden talents and skills in front of colleagues. Playing escape games in the frame of a corporate Christmas party out of the office building makes everybody feel freer to be themselves and reveals the official colleagues’ real personalities. And this is an essential moment in the process of team building.

3. Boxing a Day

You can strengthen the team’s power through many activities, such as giving a helping hand to those in need.

Already before the party, let’s announce fundraising and bring into the office your already unnecessary but still helpful stuff.

You are supposed to have a nice pile of presents by the corporate party day. Moreover, let’s prepare some creative pieces of wrapping equipment in advance. Your teambuilder task is to prepare charity packages for orphans or other groups of disadvantaged people. Work in smaller teams of 3-4, but constantly swap your team members. Meanwhile, prepare the gifts, have friendly chatting with colleagues, even with those who are generally out of your reach during work, and support each other during the “packaging challenge,” as you would do in an escape room. As you have finished, deliver the gifts together to their owners!

Team building and corporate party are hidden synonyms of each other. Take the most of Christmas corporate parties for the best team spirit at work ever! Merry Christmas!

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