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Handy Looks at Things to Do at Home When the Power Is Out


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Even if you have equipped yourself with essential things like batteries, candles, flashlights, and non-perishable food for power out, you may not be prepared for the boredom. According to Handy, power outs can be opportunities instead of mishaps if you can change your perspective. Here are a few things you can do at home when the power is out:

The Ideas

  1. Use the forgotten fireplace – Even if you have a fireplace, chances are that you use your central heating system to avoid the hassle and emissions. However, a power out is just the perfect excuse to light up the fireplace. You can invite friends who don’t have a fireplace and have a small fireplace gathering where you can cook up hot dogs, marshmallows, and keep yourselves warm. You can even make it more interesting by sharing spooky ghost stories.

  1. An opportunity to read the books that are collecting dust – Reading books is a good and a fruitful way to get away from the daily binge-watching. As you go through the first 50 or 100 pages you may feel quite bored, weird, and tired. Some authors may even make you question the English language and make you doubt your own knowledge on it. However, as you get past those bumps, you would discover a world that is far more interesting since it would be your own imagination and thoughts guided and inspired by the authors.

  1. Draw, paint, or craft – In the modern digital age, you probably pick up your pen when you need to sign a few documents for packages that get delivered to your home. However, when the power is out you have all the time to make yourself with the canvas and a real pencil once again. You can start with simple shapes, redraw real-life objects, and make your way up to the paintbrush as you let your creativity loose. You can also pick up crafting and make all the DIY projects that were always at the back of your mind.

  1. Board games are fun – Board games are a classic throughout the world during a power cut and can come to your rescue again as it did during your childhood. Call up some friends and bring out the board games that have laid dormant under the coffee table for an unknown duration. It may be time to usurp all your friend’s wealth in Monopoly or rekindle your passion for D&D.

  1. Alcohol makes time fly – If you live in a cold region anyway, you may as well bring out your crate of beer by the fireplace or the balcony and drink up while you absorb the silence and darkness. If you can’t stock up on ice for the whiskey or keep your beer chilled, you can always sip on some good red wine at ambient temperature.


Handy believes that you can either let a power out get you bored out of your mind or spend the time more productively while having fun with your friends and family. With the tips mentioned above, the latter seems to be the ideal choice.

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