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5 Reasons Healthcare Agencies Partner With Offshore RPO

Healthcare Agencies

Different agencies or individual startups work constantly for the achievement of their goals and to provide the best service to their customers. Due to the constrained budget or unavailability of skilled workers, the organization may lack providing premium services. For the fulfillment of these needs, companies consider opting for RPO services.

First, let us understand more about offshore RPO.

What is offshore RPO?

Offshore RPO is a solution for employee recruitment outside the organization by a third-party attained at a lower budget. You can achieve the best-in-class talent acquisition when you need a complete cover over both technical as well as human involvement in the recruitment process. An offshore RPO helps in recruitment from different sources and provides you with the best employees as per your needs. In fact, they also have access to a worldwide database of the most deserving candidates for each specific job.

Every business is constantly looking for various routes to sustain and become the best in these competitive times. Several small-to-mid-sized recruitment businesses have chosen to partner with offshore recruitment outsourcing service providers. Especially the ones who need temporary/ part-time or contract workers. Many IT and healthcare staffing companies have partnered with offshore RPOs to find the right people for their firm.

The need for offshore RPO in the healthcare sector

Healthcare agencies have a high demand for staff such as doctors, nurses, social care staff, etc. The high demand for staff calls for high costs operational charges and delivery of uninterrupted supply for 24*7 service and full-time availability of other lower-level staff such as clerks and housekeeping members. Therefore, to reduce the large amount of operational cost spent on recruitment and to fulfil the high demand, companies are dependent on offshore RPOs, especially healthcare staffing companies.

Here are a few reasons for healthcare agencies to partner with offshore RPOs:

  • Increased fill rate

The healthcare department constantly needs to meet the high demands of the lack of unfilled jobs. They outsource only high volume, low margin jobs to the offshore recruitment process outsourcing team. The mindset of great service at a reliable cost leads to depending on offshore RPO.

The training managers and senior recruiters were deployed to train offshore recruitment teams. Within a month, the trained recruiters were able to recruit doctors, nurses, carers, and other medical-related staff. This practice to hire staff has not only helped agencies generate additional revenue but also increased fill rate. Increased fill rate enables agencies to gain a better contest when they are working on contract renewals. Thus, medical staffing companies have proven to be very helpful to increase fill rates and revenues

  • Reduction in cost

The revolution of outsourcing began with ”cost reduction” as it is one of the major USPs the offshore recruitment agencies provide to companies. Over the last, twelve to fifteen years recruitment business owners have positively embraced this route. Recruitment agencies initially used it for simple, monotonous and non-core tasks. Activities such as job inputting/ posting, database cleansing, CV formatting, CV processing, and payroll were the work that was outsourced at the beginning as a trial.

Once the recruitment agencies became skilled in other tasks such as pre-employment, screening/ reference checking, compliance, sourcing, database regeneration, organization mapping, the companies started trusting them for recruitment of deserving candidates. There is a host of recruitment agencies that can reduce the costs by 50% by partnering with the recruitment process outsourcing companies, specifically medical staffing companies for healthcare agencies.

  • Business continuity

Healthcare agencies across the globe have realized the importance of business continuity in the last few months due to COVID-19. The offshore recruitment process is known to be very useful during the situation. Offshore agencies have a professional team that is delivering supplies and services to the clients especially in the healthcare department where lack of staff is a very critical situation.

Medical staffing services USA based agencies are making sure that each citizen stays safe during the pandemic and every home gets to meet basic facilities. Diverse workforce solutions for clients across the USA are provided by medical staffing services USA has certified as eligible for staffing association as COVID’19 rapidly spreads in the United States of America and across the globe.

  • Turnover

Any business operating overseas faced the challenge of employee turnover. Employees often leave the organization due to miscellaneous reasons such as dissatisfaction with the working environment, less compensation, better opportunity, etc. Sometimes it takes place without prior notice.

Outsourcing work to healthcare staffing companies will ensure professionalism followed by training and supervision. Companies also become enabled to monitor and analyze the performance of the staff on a regular basis. Even the freshers are well trained and go through an onboarding procedure, thus guaranteeing better work efficiency and a reduction in the turnover of employees.

  • Saves time

Well, medical emergencies do not wait for the right staff. It is the duty of each hospital, clinic, or the healthcare sector of each organization to hire trained and skilled staff that contributes to the health society.

Hiring and recruiting can be very time-consuming. Thus, the responsibility is often outsourced to the medical staffing companies. They not only conduct pre-screening and interviews but also cross-check background and introduce the employee to the job description. Only after the candidate has passed all the round, he or she gets to reach the panel-interview with the top-level management of the company. Therefore, saving time, efforts, and guaranteeing authenticity.

Having a partnership with an offshore recruitment process outsourcing company, an organization can avert critical situations such as:

  • Client loss
  • Candidate loss
  • Revenue/sales loss
  • Dissatisfied clients and candidates
  • High employee turnover

So the above-mentioned points prove that for the healthcare agencies, offshore RPOs are found to be an ideal model for the critical conditions. They also provide various other benefits otherwise.

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