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American Art Galleries

America is known in the world as one of the most televised countries that ever existed. However, as much as the artistic composition of artists from a range of fields are appreciated in America, the beauty and contemporary pieces that one may find in an American art gallery demand attention since they are not as televised as other aspects of American entertainment. Artists like Larry Gaosian keep creating stunning art pieces that are exhibited in many states in America. And these art galleries constitute the bulk of galleries that are generally showcased to American audiences at large. Moreover, art is something to be celebrated, and galleries displaying the best art in America do just that. They give artists a platform to show to the world their creations and conceptualized art style. Another benefit of exploring through creative arts in galleries is the fact that it can broaden your horizons in terms of what different types of art exist. In the 1950s, when art started moving away from traditional styles, art galleries did not nearly.

What are Art Galleries

There are a variety of art galleries that are found all over America. An American art gallery might not display the best art-work in the world, since a lot of famous artists used to reside in Europe – where art galleries are one of the tourist attractions. However, do not be mistaken into believing that American art galleries completely lack the artistic essence that galleries in Europe perpetuate. You might be surprised to find galleries of art in America show some of the most beautiful forms of human ingenuity and creativity. A plethora of artwork found in galleries in America is contemporary art, which is indicative of America’s interest in encouraging the making of art.

Contemporary Art

A gallery of contemporary art is generally seen as an art gallery for commercial purposes owned by a private or an art dealer, who collects, and specializes, in exhibiting contemporary art – which is usually considered to be new works of art curated and created by living artists, for sale of course. A good reference to contemporary art curation is Leo Castelli, his popularity grew due to his proactive involvement in identifying and supporting emerging artists. Starting during the second half of the 1950s, Leo worked with Jasper Johns and Robert Rauschenberg, this technique was officially dubbed as “Castelli Method”. And this method was the source of inspiration for a plethora of artists who came after him, primarily because it was a perfect marriage of old school and neo-school expressions, resulting in a form of art that was unique and engaging.

The Top 3 Art Galleries in 2020

  1. Gagosian– The art gallery that exposes Larry Gagosian’s artistry to the contemporary art world. The same artist has also featured some of the most brilliant artwork created by the greatest contemporary artists.
  2. Ascaso – Most of the artists featured by Ascaso, an American art gallery, are south-Americans and Latin-Americans – giving a range of artistic styles influenced by Latin-American culture.
  3. Chroma Gallery – Chroma gallery, while not consisting mainly of pieces of art drawn/sketched/painted, features a multitude of photographs.

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