Air Jordans: Why Is It A Must-Have Pair Of Shoes?

Air Jordans

Nike first released Air Jordans in 1984 for the famous basketball player Michael Jordan. Since then, Nike has collaborated with Michael Jordan and designed basketball, casual and athletic shoes. After their official introduction to the public in 1985, these shoes have become a cultural phenomenon.

Air Jordans have gained immense popularity in the past few years and are a must-have in every sneakerhead’s wardrobe. Their unique style and features made them popular even among celebrities. This popularity can be attributed to their exclusivity level compared to other footwear brands.

From Jordan Mid to Air Jordan I, there are a variety of models and colours people can choose from.

Some of the Best Air Jordans of All Time

1. Jordan 1 Chicago

These retro shoes are a collector’s dream. Their colourway is white and varsity red, a classic that has been popular among basketball fans and street ballers since their release in 1985. After their debut in The Last Dance in 2015, the newest version of these shoes has become very popular, with a whopping price tag of $400 AUD.

2. Jordan 3 Cement

These infamous Jordan 3 Retro OG were released in 2018 to commemorate Michael Jordan’s 55th birthday. These iconic shoes bought a new era for Nike Air when they were featured in Black Cement. They are one of the most famous Jordan Mid.

3. Jordan 11 Concord

Since Michael Jordan wore them on the court in 1995, these sneakers have become an iconic model. Even after 30 years, these Air Jordan XIs are one of the best, thanks to the number 45 at the heel. The distinctive features of these sneakers are their translucent soles and the patented leather uppers.

4. Air Jordan 3 Retro UNC

This colourway was initially designed exclusively for the University of North Carolina players. In 2020, these rare shoes became available to the public at $400. The distinctive feature of these sneakers is their tumbled white leather upper.

Why Are Air Jordans So Popular?

High Quality

These sneakers are made from high-quality materials like premium leather uppers, making them extremely durable and versatile. Also, the cost of Air Jordans is lower than the comparable models on the market.

High Levels of Support and Comfort

Many people suffer from chronic foot pain and discomfort because of low-quality sneakers that do not provide adequate support and cushioning. This is where Jordans come in. They provide high levels of comfort and support; you can wear these shoes for a long time without facing any discomfort.

Unique Designs

People who wear Jordans stand out from the crowd because only a few are available on the market. Their unique designs and styles make them a must-have in every sneakerhead’s wardrobe.

The unique designs of these basketball shoes are ubiquitous and go well with any style. Also, these shoes never go out of fashion.


These sneakers do not have an end tag and do not reduce in value as time passes. If a pair of Air Jordan’s is priced at $800 today, it won’t be getting any cheaper down the line. Due to this, the consumer will get the most out of his money.

Resale Value

Because of their unique designs and history with the MJ, Jordans are now collectables. When a new Jordan model is released, people wait in line to snatch the sneakers before they sell out. Sneakerheads always have a thirst for Jordans; owning one model doesn’t stop them from buying another pair. This creates an immense demand in the market, resulting in a high resale value.

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