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7 Modern Features For Your Toilets

Modern Toilets

When anyone thinks of renovating bathrooms, they do not think about the toilet; however, it is an essential part of the bathroom. With many companies in the business of bathroom renovation, designs and styles are endless. So all one needs is to take time and explore different varieties like the TOTO toilets and their features and decide what would best suit your bathroom. But before you start exploring, ensure the following features are present in your bathroom:

1. One-Piece or Two-Piece

One-piece toilets are primarily used in high-end toilets, but they are also recommended for any bathroom, irrespective of the decor. It comes in various prices and styles and can give a very posh look to the bathroom. It is also very easy to clean as the tank and seat are not fit together.

Two pieces toilets are less expensive when compared to the one-piece toilet, and it is the most common type of toilet. The tank and seats fit together in this type of toilet, and it is very easy to transport and install.

2. High Tank Toilets

It is again more about aesthetics, and it makes the toilet more noticeable. It is now the most popular choice for all who want to renovate their bathroom and give it a rich look. However, it is even good in its mechanics and design, and it is believed that in high tank toilets, flush works better.

3. Wall Toilets

Wall toilets are one of the most lavish options. These kinds of toilets are installed inside of the wall hiding the tank, and this makes it rarely visible. It is a great option when considering renovation as it needs a higher degree of construction and detailed design. It can assure you of excellent aesthetics, and if you want this in your bathroom, you have to open the wall and reveal the plumbing.

4. Placement

If you are not going to renovate your bathroom, you cannot move the toilet to another space. As such, there may be no space for plumping fixtures. So, if you are renovating your bathroom, do not forget that a gap of at least 15 inches is a must to keep the toilet away from the showers and walls.

5. Lever Vs. Push-Button

Among these, the most popular option is the lever, as it is not costly and gives a very classic look. On the other hand, the push button gives a modern look and is relatively expensive. One should also be aware that going for a dual flush button can reduce the water used in the toilet. Thus, it provides a way to save money on your water bill.

6. Self-Cleaning

Many toilet brands like the TOTO toilets are famous for self-cleaning and removing stains just with a press of a button, and this helps in keeping your bathroom ever clean. Self-cleaning toilets also come along with child lock features, so you do not have to worry that children needlessly activate the clean cycle. Besides, it can assure the elimination of mould, mildew, and bacteria. It also uses mist to be spread in the toilet bowl. Thus, you do not have to use harsh cleaning chemicals.

7. Heated Toilet Seat

A little pampering is always enjoyable, and if you live in a cold space, it is necessary. So you do not have to suffer the pricking cold whenever you want to use the toilet; you deserve this comfort through a heated toilet seat.

Finally, you have saved up money to give that posh look for your bathroom space. So, make sure you check out all the different available options before finalising the decision.

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