XPEL Paint Protection Film Cost: What To Know

Xpel Paint Protection

Nobody wants a damaged car. But as much as you want to protect the body of your vehicle, unforeseen scratches can happen. If you have a new car, you might want to ensure its safety to maintain its value.

Although a car loses 60% of its value in five years, damages and scratches can speed this up. You can solve this problem by installing Xpel paint protection films.

It can be expensive, but considering its benefits, it might be worth it for you! Do you want to know how much Xpel paint protection film cost? Check out this article and learn about paint protection and its cost!

What Are PPF and Its Benefits?

The common factors that can damage your car are UV rays, chemicals, and debris. Paint protection film or PPF protects the exterior of your vehicle. Plus, they can also save money on car repairs in the future.

Using protection films can also provide fast healing to car scratches. Although these films are thin, they are durable and do their job well. With Xpel paint protection, you will only need heat to repair those damages.

What Factors Affect Xpel Paint Protection Film Cost?

Are you considering investing in Xpel paint protection? Then you might wonder how much Xpel paint protection film cost.

Many factors can affect the cost of a car protection film. These factors include:


To install PPFs, you need to have an exterior body free of swirls, scratches, and imperfections. If your car has existing damages before installation, you need to repair it first.

A single-step correction ranges from $300-$400. A multi-step needs time and can cost you $600-$1000.


In determining the cost of your paint protection film, the number one factor is coverage. You can choose to cover the vulnerable parts only or a full-body film. Either way, it depends on your budget.

A partial front coverage starts at $900-$1000. Full-front end packages start higher at $1995. If you want to know more about these prices, you can visit


Another factor that can affect the pricing is the difficulty of the installation. Complex cars can cost higher than regular-looking ones. PPF installation is not easy as it is. It needs time and caution when dealing with complicated designs like the BMW M3s.


If you plan to consider installing some extra car film, you need to consider another cost. Some people opt to cover their bumpers, door sills, and pillars.

Use Xpel Paint Protection Film

Also, there are other materials that you can choose from in your Xpel paint protection. You can choose a ceramic coating and the Xpel stealth for a matte or satin finish.

An Xpel paint protection film costs a lot. But, if you have a new car, it is a good investment. PPFs can last 5-10 years, plus with proper car maintenance, they can last even more.

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