Why You Should Value Your Trade In When Buying A New Car

Trade In Buying New Car

Leaving money on the table is a sin, especially in this day and age where scraping at the bottom of the barrel is becoming the new norm. When the happy day finally comes to trade in your beater for something with a functional radio and air conditioning, it’s also time to get your old one properly valued before trading it in.

You might feel like you have a pretty good idea about what the old girl is worth to you, but it may well be the case that she could be worth quite a bit more to someone else. If you’re in the market for a new car, read on to find out why to value your trade before signing on the dotted line!

Value Your Trade

So it’s time to put the old girl out to pasture, hopefully for a good price, too. There’s tread on the tires, and she’s about as reliable as you could hope for. Providing you’re going downhill, that is.

You might not think much of your old car, but remember, in the case of vehicles, they could be worth more in parts than the whole. The breaks might be dodgy, and the left indicator might not work, but that doesn’t mean the catalytic converter isn’t in tip-top shape for a high-value trade. Cars are worth precisely what someone is willing to pay, so your estimate could be way off.

It’s also worth remembering that whatever price someone is happy to give you, the chances are they know they’ll be able to sell it off for even more. Trade value will often vary greatly from place to place and person to person, so never accept the first offer you get. Your second or third may well surprise you! You could even end up with double trade value compared to what you expected.

Reputable Dealers

Nothing wrong with doing your research before taking your car to the dealership. Googling the dealer to see if there are any notable reviews can go a long way to avoiding disaster and being ripped off.

Places such as have the kind of review you’re looking for and are perfect to find trade value. Look for reviews mentioning certain employees and how helpful they were to avoid being fooled by bot-farm reviews.

Word of mouth is the best and most believable source of information there is, though. If you know any friends or family you trust who’ve recently traded their car in; it’s a good idea to get their opinion!

One Man’s Trash Is Another Man’s Treasure

What looks like your old beaten-up car may well be the apple of someone else’s eye. Car dealerships know all about which brands of cars are in demand, and which can be sold for parts for a decent profit. Either way, a second opinion to value your trade is worth its weight in gold.

Whatever happens, if you play your cards right, you’ll get a decent chunk of change to put towards your new wheels or put aside for a rainy day!

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