Why We Need Sites Like Top Consumer Reviews

Consumer Reviews

The website Top Consumer Reviews is in place to make sure that anyone who is looking for consumer reviews is able to get a clear and transparent review which can help them to decide on what they will buy and where they will go. Consumer reviews can and should be a helpful tool to give an insight into what a product or an experience is like, and many around the world rely heavily on these reviews when it comes to making a decision as to where they should spend their money. Unfortunately however, many review sites are not to be completely trusted, and here is why.

Importance of Reviews

The importance of a great online reputation has never been greater, for both online and offline businesses. The reason for this is that organic search has all but taken over as the number 1 way in which consumers look to find businesses and products. This of course has lent itself perfectly to increasing the importance of review sites and the reputation of so many businesses now live and die based on these reviews.

Pumping Up

As a result of this great importance on positive reviews, we have seen that many companies will look to pump up the positivity of their reviews by leaving false positives. This can be done amongst friends and family or in some cases we see that there are businesses which have actually paid for reviews to be given. Believe it or not there are companies out there which provide this kind of service and which will use multiple accounts to give fake reviews for a business. It is for this reason why you have to be so careful when reading reviews as in many cases it could be nothing but false information. Again this is why we need a clear and transparent service which actually helps us to understand what businesses are good and which are not.


Something else which some small businesses have been guilty of is to incentivize customers to give positive reviews. Naturally for customers, the thought of clicking a button which leaves 5 stars for a particular company, if they are getting something in return, seems like an easy thing to do. Over the course of time however we end up seeing businesses getting inflated reviews and bringing in more customers, wen in actual fact the experience is nothing like what the reviews would suggest.

More often than not the truth will out in terms of these companies and if they have a bad product or offer poor quality service, then eventually the honest reviews will outweigh those positive reviews which are false. This however takes time and during that time a great number of consumers have been duped into thinking that they were going into a high quality business or buying high quality products. It is of course for this reason why a site like Top Consumer Reviews exists, and why the consumer needs such honesty.

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