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Why Modern Fireplace Screens are an Important Safety Feature

Modern Fireplace Screens are an Important Safety Feature

Having a fireplace in the home adds an instant sense of coziness and comfort. Lighting a fire on a cold winter’s evening, curling up on the couch in front of it, and snuggling in a blanket is the type of activity that just about anyone can appreciate. But for all their beauty and usefulness, fireplaces can be dangerous, especially if you don’t follow some simple steps and rules. If you’ve been eyeing a modern fireplace screen and you’re not sure it’s worth picking up, here’s a look at why they are such an important safety feature.

Ideal for Those with Kids and Pets

For anyone that has kids and/or pets, the fireplace can’t help but be of interest to them, especially once it’s lit. That warmth will draw them in, which can be dangerous if they get too close. Modern fireplace screens are an easy way to keep them at a safe distance without interfering with the overall effect.

Keep Objects Out of the Fireplace

A fireplace screen also does a great job at keeping objects from falling out or being tossed in. Again, this can apply to those with kids who may be tempted to throw toys or other objects into the fireplace. You never quite know what to expect from young ones.

Keep Flying Embers from Landing in the Room

Sometimes there can be flying embers when you’ve got a fire roaring and should they land on your floor, they can cause permanent damage. Just imagine what those burning embers would do to your carpeting or wood flooring. Not only can it damage it, but it may even spark a fire, which is a serious matter.

There is a Decorative Aspect

And for all the good that fireplace screens do from a safety aspect, they also provide a decorative element that homeowners tend to love.

Well Worth the Investment

For homeowners on the fence as to whether or not they need a fireplace safety screen, the simple answer is yes. These screens not only provide many safety features but they also manage to do so elegantly and decoratively.

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