Web.com Reviews Shares Fun Projects You Can Do with Legos During Lockdown

Fun Projects


The creative possibility of Legos never ceases to amaze the world. People around the globe have created toys, robots, prosthetics, and much more with Legos. The creative potential is limitless and is being explored even further during this lockdown. Web.com Reviews has curated a list of some exciting, simple, and fun projects you can do with your family and friends. Without further ado, let’s get started.

The Suggestions

  1. Building Sets- There is no end to the number of things you can build using Legos. The right place to start would be to make sets. Try building objects in sets such as a double-decker bus, or a collection of buildings, cars, maps, the possibilities are endless. Creating standalone sets are alright, but you can spice things up by adding sets. Challenge your siblings, parents, or partner to create one set while you’re working on the other. Set a time frame and compare your works in the end, maybe even set a prize for the winner.

  1. Create Board Games- Creating board games out of Legos adds an extra layer of fun. Instead of gunning for blocks, you can create games, the most popular and straightforward of them being Ludo. You can pick up the steps from a YouTube video and get going. The board setup is similar to the real thing. You can even go ahead and build the dice out of Legos for added fun. However, be sure to balance it correctly and for fair games.

  1. Building Challenge- This is a fun game. Google some random images such as a truck, house, car, buildings, and even animals. Hand out a picture to every participant and set a timer. Everyone has to recreate the subject with Legos and one that resembles the image the most wins. You can even set a prize for an added incentive. It is a fun game where everyone can experiment with the limits of their imagination and have an excellent time while participating in the game. To find out more about the games available on Google, visit this website: https://itvnews24.com/

  1. Choose from imagination- You are limited by your imagination. It is not necessary to draw inspiration from real-life objects. If you’re into sci-fi, then try to create something from your imagination. Create a barren landscape or an alien creature. Children have a very active imagination and left alone can come up with some unique designs that’ll leave you stroking your chin. Therefore, the best thing you can do with Legos is to let your imagination do the work for you. Let it guide your hand and observe where your imagination takes you. You’ll be surprised at some of the things you can recreate from your imagination.

  1. Teach your children essential motor skills- Legos are a great way to teach your children necessary motor skills and develop their cognitive abilities. For instance, you can ask them to build a bridge between points. By teaching your kid how to balance a floating with support m two fixed points, you develop their mind from a very early age which will come in handy once they grow up.


These are some of the ways Web.com Reviews suggests you can use Legos to experiment with fun and exciting projects during the lockdown. Feel free to invent your techniques and share them with your friends and family for added fun.

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