Tyre maintenance tips: How to use your tyres for the longest time?


Timely maintenance and an eye on your tyre’s condition can go a long way.

Any vehicle is as good as the tyres, so even if you own the most premium model, incompetent tyres won’t let you enjoy your car’s full potential.

Caring for your tyres isn’t too difficult, given that you ensure regular maintenance. If you are wondering how to get started with the upkeep of your tyres, we have just the information that you need.

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1. Drive smoothly

Rash driving gives you an adrenaline kick, and the thrill of fast speed surely takes your excitement to another level. But at the same time, it leaves a drastic impact on your tyres.

Rash driving is one of the prominent reasons why tyres don’t serve their term to their capacity and have to be replaced quite sooner. Rough braking often leads to skidding, which eventually affects the tread pattern, rendering the tyre useless in a short while.

2. Timely tyre rotation

The best way to maximise your tyre’s usage is to rotate it every few months.

The back tyres often need to be replaced sooner than the front ones. That said, before buying a brand new set, rotate the existing front tyres to the back and purchase a new pair for the front one. Also, if any of the removed tyres are in a condition to be used occasionally, keep them as spare.

If you aren’t sure whether you need a tyre change or not, hire the leading 24 hour tyre service in Sydney to your aid.

3. Keeping an eye on tyre pressure

Underinflation or overinflation also adversely affects the tyres.

You must get the tyre pressure at least twice a month to ensure the smooth running of the vehicle. Negligence with the tyre pressure can lead to excessive wear & tear and even losing control on the road.

4. Balance and alignment

Overlooking the balance and alignment can cost any car owner dearly.

Both tyre balancing and alignment are crucial to ensure a safe and comfortable drive. Misalignment puts the driver and the other drivers on the road at risk. It also reduces the lifespan of the tyres and affects the radial. It furthers makes driving on wet or slippery surfaces highly risky.

Vibrations on steering wheel, discomfort in driving, and no control over the vehicle all signal towards misalignment. Hire the 24-hour tyre service in Sydney to get it fixed ASAP.

Tyre replacement is another factor that cannot be overlooked. With these tips, you can use your tyres to their full potential, but there will come a time when you won’t be able to avoid replacement. Make sure that you replace your tyres when needed without delay so your vehicle doesn’t have to suffer. Bookmark this article for future reference.

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