Tips in Picking a Solar Power Installer

Tips in Picking a Solar Power Installer

Shifting to solar energy is the best home improvement that you can make, as it can lower your monthly electricity bills. Also, before switching to solar a good idea is to upgrade to a trusted and affordable energy provider for your home. Electricity companies such as New Power Texas offer cheap electricity rates which can directly help on cutting your monthly electricity bills.  Plus, you can contribute greatly to the preservation of the planet.

But, finding a Fronius single-phase hybrid inverter may be challenging as the market is saturated with many agencies claiming that they’re the best. To make the process less complicated, here are things you must do to find the best contractor that matches your goals:

Choose Locally Owned and Operated

The biggest perk of working with a local company is the assurance that they’ll always be easy to reach whenever you encounter problems with their solar power system. Plus, they’re already familiar with the electrical codes and other rules in your residence.

Unlike hiring a contractor from another state or country, a local company already has the right licenses and other utility requirements ordered by your permitting offices and inspectors. This will help avoid potential holdups caused by approvals and streamline the installation process.

Determine Their Expertise

The best way to determine whether your prospective company is an expert in solar energy installation is by checking whether they have passed licensure exams. These include the North American Board of Certified Energy Practitioners (NABCEP) test and other related assessments by regulating organizations in your area. Then, request their company profile or portfolio to check if they have hands-on experience in the services they offer.

Note Their Warranty Length

Solar panels have a workmanship warranty. This covers the problems that could arise due to faulty installation. Photovoltaic cells are also guaranteed from 20 to 25 years. Ensure that your prospective contractor has these arrangements.

Check Their Customer Service Quality

Another crucial consideration you have is the quality of customer service. You can easily get to know your prospective solar power installers’ work ethic by checking out their business reviews online. These testimonials written by previous clients show what kind of service the firm provides. This is a great heads-up for you to ensure what you’re getting if you decide to hire them.

During the installation process, you’ll have questions that you want to clarify. For example, you want to learn more details about the Fronius single phase inverter. Your prospective company should be able to handle your queries smoothly and properly explain what you need to know and more.

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