Sola wood flowers for wedding car decorations

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Wedding car is not just a decorative component of the wedding day. A luxurious wedding car with beautiful floral decoration can make the wedding ceremony immaculate. To decorate a head-turning wedding car using floral decorations is a traditional concept. Still, so many risk factors are included with original floral decorations.

  • Original flower decoration for wedding car is very costly.
  • Original blooms are so soft and delicate they cannot bear the extreme weather conditions.
  • Dry or sunny weather will make flowers dry, wilt, and die even before ending the ceremony.

Be innovative-use sola wood flowers:

To decorate wedding car with a durable, eco-friendly, and affordable option use sola wood flowers. These wood flowers are made of sola wood usually obtained from the roots of Tapioca plant or these sola wood paper flowers are also made from the balsa tree bark. By shaving off the wood from the surface of the plant, fine sheets of sola wood paper in ivory color are obtained. The sola wood flowers are the best substitute of original blossoms for wedding decorations. From bridal bouquets to floral centerpieces, wedding arc, aisle, boutonnieres, and bridal accessories, almost everything is available in sola wood flowers. These sola wood flowers are durable, pollen-free, scent-free (though you can add fragrance also), affordable, and are available with no seasonal restrictions.

Wedding car decorations with sola wood flowers:

When thinking of a wedding car decoration, using wooden flowers merely is wonderful. These flowers provide elegance, style, and uniqueness to the wedding car that looks so adorable. Sola wood flowers for wedding car decorations offer several benefits:

  • To decorate a wedding car, you may need lots of flowers and buds to create a beautiful floral arrangement. Sola wood flowers are cost-friendly and allow you to use maximum floral options with reasonable price.
  • The durability of sola wood flowers provides an opportunity to decorate the wedding car days before the event. You will get an equally stunning and refreshing look of these flowers on your wedding day. The only precaution is that protect these flowers from direct sunlight.
  • Sola wood flowers can be dye and to match the color combination with the wedding car these wooden blooms can be dyed in any natural or unnatural color.
  • The toughness of sola wood flowers provides ways to use these blooms to complete tough decorative tasks. You can use these beautiful blooms with traditional tin cans that tied to the car’s trunk.
  • Wooden flowers wreath or garland can never fail for wedding car decorations.
  • Decorating ‘’Just Married’’ sign on the car with sola wood flowers is also an innovative idea to add more style to the wedding car.
  • With the ribbons and streamers, you can traditionally boost the looks of the wedding car. To add a nice touch you can place a beautiful wood bouquet at the ends of ribbons.

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