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Result-driven Digital Marketing strategy for e-commerce Business


The world is changing rapidly and moving towards online sources. Everything you need in this world is online, such as studies, businesses, etc. This is because nowadays, going online is the most profitable and relevant way to provide everyone with their necessities easily. In fact, the audience you are targeting for your business’s growth can be easily tracked online.

With this analysis, we can say that digital platforms are one of the best places to grow your business and boost your company’s revenue. To understand it better, let us first study more about digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

It is a plan for your business to achieve your goal through digital promotion. It includes everything you can do to improve your sales through online platforms such as a partnership with social media influencers, advertising on social media platforms, etc. There is a whole industry of digital marketing that is working on different platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and so on.

Every big company such as Facebook, Amazon or Microsoft has worked on their online presence to grow their business. For instance, in the case of social media influencers, they paid social media influencers to promote their product through their platform. Or in the case of SEO, they promote blogs on their website.

Why do we need a digital marketing strategy for e-commerce businesses?

Understanding the digital market is not so easy. Like any other business, you need to understand the platform where you are going to sell your product and the audience you have targeted. The digital market is very vast; here, you have large groups of audiences segmented into targets. e-commerce business works entirely online as they sell through social media or their website. Thus, they must hire experts to plan an effective digital marketing strategy. Jola Interactive, a digital marketing company NYC based, can help you to understand the digital market and begin advertising on online platforms.

Here we have discussed some Result-driven strategies for e-commerce businesses.

  • Improve the SEO

If you can choose the correct keywords and phrases for your marketing business, customers will be able to identify your business in the online platform easily. Once you are able to target the right audience using the set of right keywords, your business will be recognized at a faster rate. When you make your website more efficient, people would be interested in shopping through your website.

You might be wondering why SEO is important? It is important because if you don’t optimize your search engine, people won’t even come to know that your company exists. When you target the right audience, the gate of increasing the customers will open wide. Once that gate opens, there is no going back and the profit and number of customers will boost faster.

  • Use social media platforms

There are almost 3.5 billion social media users all over the globe. That is approximately 45% of the total population on this planet and it is still growing. Individually, 53% of the population uses Facebook, 44% of the population use Whatsapp, 35% of the population use Youtube, etc. When you promote your business on these platforms, 45% of the people on this planet will know about your business. Interesting, isn’t it?

It is not easy though, you have to stay active on these platforms, update your profile daily with relevant content unless and until it reaches out to maximum people. Many influencers can also help you promote your business and their high reach can make it possible for your business to grow faster. We all have heard that Rome was not built in a day. This will be time-consuming but it will be beneficial in the long run.

  • Set specific goals

Foresee yourself in the next few years; where do you want to be in the e-commerce business? When you plan something, always be sure of what approaches you will use in the future. If you don’t set specific goals in your life, then reaching a destination will be merely possible.

People must trust you and your company. You have to work on how you can build that trust. One simple rule is sharing your plans with your customers so that they can believe in your strategy. Show them how much this business means to you through digital marketing. When you optimize your search engine and promote your business on social media platforms, people will recognize your hard work and trust you.

  • Ads based on pay-per-click

It is one of the best schemes to earn money at a faster rate. When Google helps you build your ad and promote them on their browsers, it will result in earning a huge amount of money.

With the right keywords, people will come to know about your business. This is a simple click-bait situation. When people click the ad, you will get paid. Also, PPC often pays for itself if you are able to choose the right keywords and phrases for your company’s promotion. The biggest advantage is that you can benefit from your ads instantly.

  • Marketing through Email

Before going forward with email marketing, you have to make sure that your content marketing is strong. Email is a powerful and significant platform for most people. People often use Email to introduce formal relationships between them. Everyone in the e-commerce world checks their Email daily.

You can easily slide in your coupons, advertisements, and products in your potential client’s inboxes. People will not spam your mail if you have the appropriate content to promote your business. You have to bring on your “A” game for email marketing. You can add forms and towards the end checkout slides in the subscription option. With a subscription, you give customers access to regular updates on your products that you plan to sell. Thus, email marketing is very effective for e-commerce business.


There are many more points but among them, these are the most important ones you would need to promote your business on an international level. There is a lot of competition out there and you would have to think outside of the box every time you want to defeat your competitors. People won’t know your company if your content is not informative enough. Top digital marketing company NYC has listed as the best once quoted, “the more informative your content, the more persuasive it will be.

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