Reasons Why a Bus Rental Will Benefit Your Next Group Trip

Bus Rental

If you are heading off for a trip in a group then a bus rental may very well be the best idea to help you get around and discover somewhere new. We did this last year on a trip to Toronto and it turned out to be so much better than all renting cars individually as we used to do. This was the first time that we had done it and afterwards we all agreed that we will be doing the same for our next group trip.

Here is why we loved it so much.


It was really cool that no matter where we went we could all be together and share more of the vacation together. This is something which we usually don’t get the chance to enjoy because we are in different cars but the bus meant that we could all pile in and to be fair it completely improved our vacation experience.

Designated Driver

Having someone to drive us was amazing and it totally took the pressure off having to have designated driver no matter where we went. This meant that everyone could enjoy a glass of wine with their meal without feeling like they had to stay on the OJ because they were driving, and it also meant that everyone could enjoy the break without having the stresses and strains of driving on unfamiliar roads.


Cars have their benefits of course but the bus was so much more comfortable, you could get up and have a walk around, we could go to the bathroom on board and this really lowered everyone’s stress levels. The entire trip just ran so much smoother because of the fact that we had a bus ferrying us around.


The driver was a local which really helped and she was able to provide us with so much information about where we were and offer some great recommendations about where we should be going or what to do in the places which we wanted to go. Having someone with a bit of inside knowledge is always a great idea and that is why having the bus rental and the driver was a great idea for all of us.

I have to be honest this experience was one which made us all question why we had never thought about it before. The only drawback of using the bus was that buses are of course slower than cars, but to be honest we never really had much of a rush to get anywhere and we weren’t bothered about the extra 30 minutes or so that it took to get to our destination. Overall we were enamored with the amount of time we could spend together, the comfort in which we traveled and of course the fact that we could all enjoy a little drink at lunchtime without stressing out. If you are going on a group vacation, a bus rental is exactly what you need.

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