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MindStir Media Reviews: Is this the best self-publishing platform?

MindStir Media Reviews

Many authors are switching to MindStir Media in the hope of increasing their book sales, but is this the right move? Let’s look at what MindStir Media authors have to say.

MindStir Media is a full-service self-publishing company that has over the years produced countless best-selling authors and this has not gone unnoticed. For a long time now, many authors have wondered what mysterious publishing strategies MindStir Media employed to create so many award-winning and best-selling authors and today we unlock those mysteries for all to see. Here’s what MindStir Media authors think.

What are MindStir Media authors saying?

In recent months several MindStir Media authors have reached Amazon’s best-sellers list and many others have been nominated for and received numerous literary awards for their work. Each one of these authors attributed their success to the guidance and assistance they received from MindStir Media in their reviews of the company. Many other authors also personally thanked MindStir Media’s publishing team, their illustrators and even their ghostwriters for the work they put into making their books a success.

MindStir Media authors strongly recommend that budding authors in need of a professional publisher publish with MindStir Media. Authors have congratulated MindStir Media for the work they have put into bringing their incomplete manuscripts to completion for all to see, while others congratulated MindStir Media for bringing the cover design and illustrations of their work to life.

One author thanked MindStir Media specifically for standing by their authors throughout the entire publishing process and offering professional availability and consultations, something many publishing companies do not offer their clients. MindStir Media was praised for their attention to detail, their patience and the diligent and kind replies to inquiries made by their authors.

Why are so many authors switching to MindStir Media?

For self-publishers it doesn’t get better than MindStir Media. MindStir Media has seven publishing packages for authors to choose from. Every package includes assisted self-publishing in various formats, mentorship and coaching, customized colour cover and black and white interior design, ebook conversion, marketing for self-publishers, global distribution and availability on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Ingram and so many more.

Yet what makes MindStir Media’s publishing packages so unique is the one-on-one coaching that new authors received from J.J. Hebert, founder and owner of MindStir Media and Amazon best-selling author. This ongoing mentorship and coaching from J.J. Hebert is included in all of MindStir Media publishing packages which means there are no hidden costs or extra fees associated with this opportunity.

All new authors have to do is choose one of MindStir Media’s publishing packages, start selling their books through MindStir Media’s vast distribution network and let them handle printing and order fulfillment on their behalf.

A self-publishing platform like no other

As a full-service publishing company, MindStir Media takes care of the publishing, marketing and branding needs of their authors. It is for this reason, among others, that so many authors are switching to MindStir Media in order to sell more books.

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