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Microsoft Surface Pro is the new portable PC. It sports a sophisticated design, supplemented by an equally flawless display and a powerful processor supporting it from the inside. Microsoft is known for its reliable performance and design aspects, and the new Surface seems to be the best of both worlds. Mark Roemer traced why and how It managed to send ripples throughout the tech industry. Let’s see what he has to say about the new Microsoft Surface and why it’s worth your hard-earned money.

The Reasons

  1. The All-in-One Experience- Switching among devices is tedious. Although tablets were handy, they simply lack the power to run resource-intensive applications. But compared to tablets, laptops are far bulkier.

Microsoft managed to address the performance issue by introducing the new Intel core i7-1065G7 CPU and 16 GB of RAM to the original Surface. In addition, the company also included NVIDIA GeForce 1660 Ti Max-Q GPU for additional performance. The upgraded device promises to deliver a similar performance close to mid-range laptops and desktops. Now you don’t have to jump in between devices. Just install the software in your Surface.

  1. Achieve a lot More and Create on the Fly- The Microsoft Surface’s most significant advantage is its operating system. It runs a fully featured Windows version where you can run all your standard software. This includes the full Adobe Suite and Microsoft Office and other window-based programs.

For instance, if you’re a graphic designer, you can use a stylus to draw directly on the Surface. The days of attaching your drawing pads to your laptops are over. Just get the new Surface and draw anytime anywhere.

  1. Multiple Displays- Profession work often uses numerous monitors for efficiency. The new Surface packs some cool features in that domain as well. Microsoft claims that the device is fully compatible with multiple external display devices once it’s paired with the Surface Dock 2. The new Surface Dock 2 rocks 4 USB ports and two USB Type-C ports for additional functionality. So, if your work entails the application of more than one display, the Surface has you covered.

  1. Something for Everyone- Unlike other premium devices, the new Surface is available at different points. What this means is that you won’t have to spend a fortune on the gadget. For instance, the Surface Go 2 starts at $400 and goes up to $730 for the premium edition. As a result, you get to choose a device suitable to your needs and not end up overpaying.

For instance, if you’re looking for a minimal device for web browsing and checking emails, the low-end version of the Surface Go 2 is sufficient. However, if you are looking to do a bit of photo editing in an Adobe suite, you’re better off buying the Surface Book 3.


The new Surface is a significant upgrade over its predecessors and every other tablet in the market. According to Mark Roemer, it boosts your productivity with style and efficiency and will be a great addition to your professional life.

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