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Launch Your Investment Banking Career with IBCA Certification


US Bureau of Labor Statistics has forecasted a 10% increase in the number of job openings in the financial sector until 2024. The scarce investment banking professionals will be in huge demand all this while. As the baby boomers retire, and Generation Z takes over the banking domain, the demand for investment banking talent will further soar higher.

Chartered Investment Banking Professional (CIBP) Certification by IBCA

The CIBP professional certification is offered by IBCA (Investment Banking Council of America), one of the prominent names in the US in context of the international bodies that issue professional certifications in the investment banking sector.

The globally-recognized certification in investment banking suits perfectly well to the fresh graduates just out of the business school, and the individuals with an undergraduate degree in either finance, or a business-related discipline.

Professional applicability of the CIBP certification tops the expectations of reputed investment banks across the globe. An applicant can register, and take CIBP examination online, from anywhere in the world while being in the comfort of his home.

Significance of the CIBP Certification in the Global Financial Markets

Aspiring investment bankers looking to break into the finance domain will have a significant edge over others when armed with a CIBP certification. The said certification program teaches you the currently followed best practices in the investment banking sector and acts as a Launchpad to your professional career in the banking domain.

Besides, even when you are not a fresh college graduate but a few months old working in the industry, the credential will help accelerate your growth in the banking discipline. Plus, the credential is recognized the world over. CIBP is a kind of professional certification in the investment banking sector that is considered a gateway to breaking into the markets, and embarking on your journey as a banking professional.

You gain a competitive edge while sitting in an investment banking entry-level job interview for positions such as internships, IB analysts, and IB associates. The credential perfectly tops-up your undergraduate or master’s degree to enter the highly lucrative investment banking industry.

What Do You Learn Taking up the Comprehensive IBCA Certification?

By acquiring the CIBP credential, you get an awareness of the practical applications of the vital subjects of the domain such as asset management, portfolio management, capital markets, investment analysis, accounting and business environment, among others.

Who Should Enrol for the CIBP Certification Program?

  • An undergraduate degree holder in business, finance, or related subjects with three years of professional experience.
  • An MBA graduate in subject disciplines such as financial analysis, investment management, finance, accounting, or related majors with two years of professional experience.
  • Working professionals in the investment banking industry.
  • Scholars of globally accredited universities and business schools.

Applicant Eligibility Criteria to Enrol for the IBCA Professional Certification

There exist different criteria through which you can qualify the certification eligibility:

Criterion 1: MBA/Masters in either of the mentioned subjects – portfolio management, accounting, private equity, investment management, financial analysis, or related disciplines. Added to the MBA degree, you need a minimum 2 years’ experience in one out of the provided divisions of the investment banking sector, that are, M&A, investment banking, financial engineering, or a similar space.

Criterion 2: A bachelor’s degree with majors in private equity, investment management, accounting, portfolio management, financial analysis, or related subject disciplines. Along with the degree, you need to have a minimum of 3 years’ experience in the investment banking sector.

Criterion 3: Students with a Master’s/MBA degree to their name from business schools and educational institutes accredited by IBCA or other accreditation bodies such as EQUIS, AMBA, and AACSB.

Criterion 4: Current working professional in the financial markets with an undergraduate degree and a valid credential received from any of the certification bodies approved by IBCA.

Get yourself IBCA -accredited today and get ready for a rewarding banking career awaiting your arrival!

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