Is It Time To Get Rid Of Your Old Car?

Is It Time To Get Rid Of Your Old Car

If your car is clearly past its prime, costs you more money than it is worth in repairs and fixes, again and again, it is probably time to say good-bye. Here are some factors to consider –

  • Safety should be at the top of your list of concerns with any vehicle. Newer cars have improved safety features and depending on how old your car is, you may be missing out on newer additions like rearview cameras, advanced airbags, and improved brakes among other things. If you feel like your ride isn’t that safe anymore, it’s probably time to replace it.
  • It’s generally a good idea to sell your car while it’s still in good condition. Selling cars that are in need of major fixes or repairs can be difficult. Selling before the odometer reaches the 100000 miles mark is typically a good decision.
  • However, take into account the depreciation factor. New cars lose value much faster than older cars, going over 50% over the course of three years. Selling your car too soon will likely prove to be financially infeasible. However, to give your car an edge over other used vehicles in competition, regular maintenance is imperative.
  • Does it cost too much money to keep it running? If keeping the car is becoming a costly affair and you’re thinking selling it would be more feasible, you’re probably right. Determine the worth of your vehicle and then the costs you’re required to cover to keep it in working condition (upcoming repairs and immediate concerns). If the cost of keeping it running is more than the value of the vehicle, you’re better off selling the vehicle.
  • Perhaps your vehicle no longer serves your needs. Maybe you need more space now that you have a bigger family, or maybe you’ve finally saved enough for that sports car that you’ve always dreamt of, in which case selling the car is a good decision.
  • Your mental health is important. If keeping the car running is becoming a headache and regular visits to the mechanic are taking a toll on your mental health, you’re better off without it. If the vehicle’s reliability is a source of daily stress, time to say goodbye.
  • Keep in mind that the prices for cars usually go up in the spring and summer months. Whereas SUVs and 4x4s will be more in demand in fall and winter due to the advantages they provide in those weathers. There are also several ways you can sell your car, trading in, dismantling it for parts and selling them individually (if you know your way around the vehicle with a wrench), or simply visit cash for cars Adelaide for the best deals available.
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