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How To Drive Growth With Mobile Payments Using Earnity


Many consumers have started choosing to use mobile payments rather than paying with cash or a card. Mobile payments demonstrated their worth throughout the pandemic as a strategy to decrease our risk of exposure. Earnity co-founders have noticed that big providers have stepped up their efforts to win new customers, raising the stakes for the title of “main wallet.”

Prior to 2020, mobile payment acceptance and volumes were already increasing rapidly, with suppliers vying for market share. Following the pandemic, providers will continue to expand their suites of services in order to improve user satisfaction, tap into additional demographics, and promote loyalty.

Gaining user trust

When designing human-computer interaction, one of the first things you should consider is preventing tension in the user experience. Eliminating stress is especially important when dealing with people’s hard-earned money, including feelings of ambiguity regarding potential adverse outcomes.

Preventing ambiguity with design is as simple as addressing or discovering what people want from their experience and then catering to those needs as much as feasible, utilizing familiar user interfaces. There are fewer good design patterns for fledgling technologies like mobile payments than e-commerce shopping baskets or perusing a social media feed.

Using platforms like Earnity

Earnity is a social-first company, which sets them apart from all other crypto and DeFi companies. You can communicate with, follow, and form communities based on your interests while also purchasing and trading right away. Dan Schatt and Domenic Carosa, who co-founded Earnity, have ensured that their platform is the safest option for online consumers.

Earnity is your one-stop destination for recent updates, analysis, thematic collections, and trustworthy payment options using your mobile phone. It is the perfect solution, whether you’re interested in the newest advancements in the metaverse, a supporter of layer one networks, a student of DeFi, or seeking to know about the latest in NFTs.

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