How To Customize And Accessorize Your Off-Highway Vehicle

Off-Highway Vehicle

The total valuation of the off-highway vehicle market is close to $14 billion. It should grow by $4 billion over the next five years. As the market expands, new customization options are available to consumers.

Customizing your off-highway vehicle can improve its performance in the field. It can also be an enjoyable hobby. So how can you get started making your dream off-roading machine?

The answers lie within this guide. Here, we discuss the basics of customizing your off-highway vehicle. Read on to find out all you need to know if you have a knack for mechanics and a passion for off-roading.

Custom Lights

Night-time lights are essential if you want to operate your vehicle after the sun goes down. A light package gives you the extra illumination you need to navigate treacherous off-road conditions in the dark.

For larger OHVs, think about mounting lights on a crossbar or bumper. A spotlight can also be an essential modification for off-road work vehicles. You can also buy a smaller light package for vehicles like ATVs.

Waterproof Accessories

Consider waterproofing your OHV if you operate it in riparian or coastal areas. While most OHV’s have some level of stock waterproofing, you can customize and improve their capabilities.

Snorkels can modify your machine for deep-water usage like river crossings. You also may want to get a waterproof cover for your vehicle if you store it outside in rainy areas.

Off-Highway Vehicle Suspension Modifications

Suspension modifications such as lift kits or high-impact shocks can improve the capabilities of your machine. Some mods give your vehicle more clearance. Others allow it to operate on rougher terrain.

Sports like bouldering push the limits of your vehicle’s suspension. Upgrade your suspension first if you plan on participating in these off-road activities.


The types of tires you put on your vehicle will influence its off-roading capabilities. Custom tires exist for muddy, snowy, or sandy conditions. Customize and accessorize your tires based on what you plan to ride in.

Audio Kits

Listening to music while operating your OHV can heighten your enjoyment. You need a quality audio system to make your tunes audible over the sounds of your OHV’s engine. Peruse these ATV kits for an example of what’s available.

Storage Parts and Accessories

Getting some cargo boxes or saddlebags can be a great way to improve the storage capabilities of your vehicle. Having a safe place to store gear for longer trips will help you stay warm, dry, and comfortable.

Improving storage capabilities for your work vehicles with mounted cargo boxes is a great idea. Ensure that your expensive tools stay safe on your trip out into the field.

Stylistic Accessories

Custom paint jobs, decals, and body modifications can all customize the stylistic appearance of your vehicle. Make your machine look truly unique by finding some fun stylistic accessories.

Roll Cages and Windshields

Roll cages, roll bars, and windshields can all help you stay safe when operating your vehicle under strenuous conditions. Steep terrain and high speeds present the problem of roll-over incidents. Prepare for one with the right mods.

Accessorize Your Ride

Having an off-highway vehicle can fill your life with joy and adventure. Customize your ride to take your off-roading experience to the next level.

Use the information in this guide to find the best accessories for your OHV. Test them out in the field and keep modifying as you go! For more articles about other great topics, check out the rest of our website. Learn more about the possible situations you can face on a highway, on this website:

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