How The Coronavirus Short Term Rentals NYC Have Coped

Coronavirus Short Term Rentals NYC Have Coped

This year has been a wild one so far with a global pandemic and civil unrest ripping through our nation, it has been very tough for so many industries to cope. In terms of coronavirus short term rentals NYC has been forced to twist and turn in order to make sure that they are surviving. The companies which offer these short term rentals have of course seen the collapse of tourism in the city and then with rioting and looting on our streets that has turned even more people away from the city. New York and many other cities in the US have also seen less and less business stays and here is how they have been doing their best to cope with such a downturn.

Showing the Good Side

Short term rentals throughout the city have been showing their good side in making sure that healthcare workers are looked after during this difficult time. At the beginning of this outbreak there were so many healthcare workers who were not able to go home after their shift through fears of potentially passing the virus on to their family members and that left them kind of homeless. Both hotels and short term rentals opened up their doors to these amazing men and women with free stays and heavily discounted stays so that they would have a comfortable bed to sleep in after the amazing work they do.

New Normal

The big issue which so many had in terms of coming to stay in short term rentals was that they were unable to guarantee that the space would be every bit as clean and virus free as they wanted. This prompted the owners of short term rentals to invest in high standard cleaning and sanitation teams to come in and completely steam clean and chemically clean their properties. These would then video and take photos of this to show potential guests that they could rely on the highest level of sanitation. With this it was essential that they showed customers that they could be trusted to take care of them.

Price Points

For so many in this industry the decision very quickly became invest or die and that is why we saw so many businesses which offer short term rentals lower their prices to such an extent. At the end of the day it was always better to have some money coming than no money coming in and we saw many double down on their promotions. In order to keep some cash coming in we also saw some short term rentals extend dehire promotions to 2021 stays if the cash was paid up front, and that also kept many going.

Ultimately we have seen a monumental shift here and so many short term rental companies have had to pivot and refocus in order to simply survive this pandemic and they are going to have to continue to do so in the coming months, and possibly years.

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