How Can You Find the Top-Quality Dubia Roaches in Bulk

Dubia Roaches

Dubia roaches have become increasingly popular in the exotic pet community. Whether you own a lizard or have a pet tarantula, you know you have to feed and treat it well to keep your pet alive and healthy.

Apart from managing their enclosures and substrates, you have to be particular about what you feed them and how much. Luckily, dubia roaches can help with one of these efforts.

Dubia roaches have become the new favorite of lizard and tarantula owners, which is why you’ve probably seen them explode on pet owner forums in recent times.

According to experts like TopFlight Dubia, most of the retribution for Dubia roaches comes from previous pet owners to such an extent that pet stores are stocking up on Dubia roaches based on customer reviews. But what are Dubia roaches, and what makes them desirable as feeder insects?

Dubia Roaches vs. Crickets

Before Dubia roaches, crickets were the go-to feeder insects for many pet owners. This is because crickets were available in abundance in the wild, making them easy to procure. Crickets were also an everyday favorite of frogs, tarantulae, and lizards. But over time, the downside of breeding these insects came to light.

For one, crickets are incredibly agile and can fly at rapid short intervals. This makes it challenging to keep them in one place, and they tend to struggle even while being taken out to be fed to your pet.

Secondly, crickets are notorious for their natural odor, which in some cases can linger in your home for up to a whole week. Thirdly, this should not come as a surprise; they are extremely loud and can cause quite the commotion when you have an entire colony.

Dubia roaches, on the other hand, have none of these problems. They have wings, but they can’t fly, restricting their mobility. Secondly, they cannot crawl on smooth surfaces, which means if the walls of your container are smooth, they are virtually trapped. Finally, they are entirely odorless and noiseless creatures.

From this comparison, it should be clear why Dubia roaches are favored by most pet owners out there, but the real question is, how can you get about buying them?

Go Online

Dubia roaches may be popular, but they are yet to receive the exposure they deserve. While you can find Dubia roaches in plenty of online stores, it isn’t easy to find them in your regular pet shops. Most people prefer buying their insects in person as many of them are prone to death while being transported as cargo making them a poor choice for online orders.

The good news is that Dubia roaches are exceptionally durable and relatively non-aggressive. Most people who ordered Dubia roaches reported not losing a single roach in cargo. So don’t hesitate to buy these feeder insects online.

Mixed Groups

A reliable and reputable web store will always offer mixed groups of Dubia insects for a mid-range price. This is because Dubia roaches come in a variety of sizes ranging from ¼ inch to 2 inches.

You will have to gauge which size is ideal for feeding your pet, and you can only do that once you have tried feeding them a few. Order for a mixed group to help you decide which side you go with going forward.

Buy From Reputable Dealers

Due to the craze for Dubia roaches being mostly restricted to online forums, many people are looking to exploit this surge in popularity and make a quick buck. Experts at TopFlight Dubia advise that if you are unsure about any seller, it would be best to avoid them even if they are your only current option. Look for dealers who have their established website and see if they have the same information about Dubia roaches that you’ve read here.

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