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Guide: How To Care & Maintain Wood Flooring

Maintain Wood Flooring

Wow! Did you see that awesome wood flooring they had in their home?

You would also love to listen to such compliments. Isn’t it?

All you need to do is maintain and take care of your wood flooring that is already installed in your house. Well, If you haven’t installed it yet, then you can surely find wooden floors at junckers.co.uk.

People usually think that just mopping or vacuum cleaning the wood floor will keep them clean. But that is not all. You have to do a lot more for the wood flooring and bestvacuumforcleaning.com will guide you. Well, it is not just about the compliments; it is about how much you care about your home.

How to clean the Hardwood floor?

  • Use a hardwood floor cleaner.

Use a mop that’s flat-headed and moist the mop lightly with the cleaner and start cleaning the floor. However, it is recommended to use it as minimum as possible. You can use it twice a week per se. Remember to go through the guidelines of the cleaner because prevention is better than cure. There are very specific and certain ways to use these cleaners for different types of hardwood flooring.

  • Use a vacuum cleaner.

There are different types of mops that come with the vacuum cleaner that you can check on bestvacuumcleaners.org, and if you have wood flooring, then remember to use the soft bristle setting. Before that, always use the microfiber mop to remove the extra specks of dust. This is important because if you use the regular broom, the bristles may become the reason for the scratches on your wood flooring. Also, keep an eye on those wheels of the vacuum cleaner as they can scratch the floor as well.

  • Use a microfiber mop.

As discussed above, you need to use microfiber mops because they don’t shed bristles, and they won’t be the cause of any scratches on the wood flooring. You need to do it daily. Not only yourself, but you also have to keep your house clean as well. You can’t wash the floor, but you can definitely use the mop as it can confine all sorts of dirt.

What are the preventive measures to maintain the wood flooring

  • Avoid any scratches

There could be a lot of reasons for the scratches on your floor. It could be your beautiful high heels or your pet, or it could even be the pleasing furniture you bought recently. There are many possibilities. What you need to do is avoid such items on the floor that could cause these scratches. For instance, you can trim the nails of your pets, or you can protect the furniture with stick-on pads. What a smart move, right?

  • Try to keep your windows shut as much as possible.

There are various environmental causes that can ruin your wood flooring. The UV rays can damage the floor. UV rays can make the wood flooring of your house dull. If it’s too humid, then the moisture could harm your wood flooring, try to keep your place as dry as possible. If you like keeping your windows open for fresh air, then use the curtains to block the direct rays.

  • Maintaining temperatures

Well, keeping the windows open could mess up with the temperature inside the house too. Now, if you have a thermostat installed, then you should be very careful about the temperature. Air conditioners should be kept in check as well. In different cities, you need a variation of the temperature inside your home to keep yourself comfortable. What matters is if the temperature is right for the flooring as well.

  • Keep the wood flooring polished.

The wood floorings are usually made up of polyurethane. This makes your floor look vivid and glaring. Now, to keep your floor shiny, you need to polish it every two to three months. No matter how much scratches you avoid, there could be minor scratches on the floor. Now, if you polish them as per the guide, then your floor will look brand new throughout the year. Isn’t it amazing?

The do’s and don’ts to maintain your wood flooring.

  • Don’t forget to read the guidelines.
  • Do mop them regularly.
  • Don’t use wax on a polyurethane floor.
  • Do consult the manufacturer to know your floor type
  • Don’t drag your furniture on the floor without keeping a soft cloth or pad underneath.
  • Do check your thermostat, humidistat, and air conditioner for the correct temperature.
  • Don’t keep heavy or sharp sports items on the floor. It can leave dents and scratches.
  • Do wipe out spills immediately with a dry or slightly wet microfiber mop.

Now, all you need to do is get a flawless wood flooring for your place and let the compliments come in. So what are you waiting for? Find wooden floors at Junckers and check out the variety and designs they have to offer.

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