Good Pets Make Good Companions

Good Pets Make Good Companions

Owning good pets in the course of a lifetime can go a long ways towards making life worth living. Even when we share our time with a spouse, children, and friends, good pets can carve out a special niche in our lives.

Just what might be considered as good pets, depends a lot on the owners, where they live, how they live, and how much time they can or want to devote to a pet. Following is a list of good pets. As you can see, not every pet listed is a good choice for every person. In fact some would make very bad pets for some people, although this is often dictated by the size of the pet, with respect to how much room the pet owner has. Some pets demand a great deal of attention, while others are more than satisfied just to be looked in on at times or left alone.

Dogs make wonderful pets and the choice is vast indeed. With dogs, size usually matters. A large breed in a small apartment usually won’t work unless you plan on walking or jogging most every day. A toy breed is a good choice for an apartment. If you have a fenced-in back yard, most breeds will be suitable. Best breeds include the golden lab, Irish setter, beagle, dachshund, and the Yorkshire terrier. Any breed will crave attention, and most will become quite loyal to their owners. Cats And Dogs- Not surprisingly, cats and dogs lead the list. Unless you are allergic to cats, and many people are, a cat is usually easy to care for, it can be an indoor or outdoor cat (indoor is best), they are playful and affectionate, and can usually enjoy the run of the house once litter box trained. A female indoor cat is a great choice, a couple of cats is sometimes even better. Most cats can be quite independent, but still affectionate.

All Around Cutie – Ferrets make good pets, especially if you’re looking for a pet that’s easy to handle and one you can carry around with you. The only things that a ferret has going for it are: it’s cute, playful, curious, sociable, affectionate, friendly, quiet, small, easy to care for, and has a great personality. If that isn’t enough, your search for the right pet might be a long one.

Chirp, Peep, Or Squawk – Birds can be good pets for an apartment dweller, especially smaller breeds like finches, which are not too noisy. A parrot, which is both noisy and messy, though very entertaining, may be a better choice for someone living in a house. Apartment dwellers on the other hand might choose a cockatoo or parakeet, miniature versions of the parrot, who are just as entertaining, and much quieter.

Prickly But Cute – Hedgehogs are interesting pets. They fall into the category of exotic animals, so are not always easy to come by. The African Pygmy hedgehog, a smaller species, makes a good pet. The larger European hedgehog does not. If handled at an early age, they can become quite affectionate and easy to handle. When their quills are down, they are actually soft to pet, and have fur on their underbellies. If they get upset or startled, they can curl into a ball in a fraction of a second and the quills stick out. When this happens, gloves may be needed to pick one up. Personalities can vary greatly, but most make good companions. A 10 gallon “critter cage” and an exercise wheel suffice for housing, but don’t keep two males together.

And More – Any list of good pets can obviously be quite lengthy, but the choices above may be sufficient for most. Other possibilities include fish, horses, snakes, the Tarantula spider (to be handled carefully, they can be easily injured), chickens, rodents (hamsters – gerbils – rats), and rabbits (which are also rodents).

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