GloRilla Net Worth: Rising Star of Rap Music

GloRilla Net Worth

Fans curiously ask about GloRilla net worth, and is she single or in a relationship. GloRilla is a young rapper who made her name in the music industry. She is a hard working and talented young girl with a lot of passion for music. She is determined and serious about her career goals. In this article, we’ll discuss about GloRilla net worth, early life, career, awards and accomplishments, and more.

Who is Glorilla?

Gloria Hallelujah Woods, known as GloRilla, was born on July 28, 1999 in the city of Memphis Tennessee. She is an American rapper and songwriter. She gained popularity through her song FNF Let’s Go, produced by Hitkidd. The song went viral and got many views and became a FNF challenge on Tiktok. GloRilla net worth and her passion for music are increasing by the time.

Despite having fame and money, she continues to hone her musical and songwriting skills. Her accomplishments have increased fame and confidence. She is now one of the leading figures in the rap music industry and making her way to the top.

GloRilla real nameGloria Hallelujah Woods
GloRilla rapper age23 years
ProfessionRapper, Songwriter
GloRilla net worth$1 million
GloRilla height4 ft 11 inches
Weight48 kg
HometownMemphis, Tennessee

Early Life

She was born and raised in Memphis, Tennessee, on July 28, 1999. She is the 8th child out of 10 kids from her mom’s side. However, GloRilla parents are still unknown as she wants to keep them privately safe from social media. She studied 5th grade at her home and after completing 5th grade. GloRilla was also a member of the church’s choir. This is where she decided what she wanted to be in her life. Unfortunately, she lost her voice and started rapping.

After that, Woods went to Martin Luther King College Prep and completed her graduation. She started rapping and singing while studying at the age of 16. GloRilla came up with the stage name “Big Glo,” and her cousin helped her with the stage name. Now, she is recognized as GloRilla in the rap music industry. 


GloRilla came up by publishing her mixtape debut Most Likely Next Up in 2019. Her FNF Let’s Go brought her fame and increased her fan following all over the world. The song was produced by Hitkidd and got popularity quickly and even became a FNF challenge on Tiktok. People started the challenge and the song got famous.

After becoming a star and social media personality, GloRilla got an offer from Yo Gotti. She accepted the deal and signed in July 2022 with Collective Music Group. In September 2022, Latto and J.T remixed her tracks. Some other people suggested a Saweetie remix. GloRilla’s career boosted when she collaborated with one of the biggest female rap stars, Cardi B.

Their Tomorrow 2 song went popular and reached ten number on the Billboard Hot 100. Here FNF Let’s Go song was nominated for best rap performance on November 15, 2022. Despite being famous, GloRilla has amazingly impacted the rap music industry. Many of the biggest male and female rap stars welcomed her. She is the future and upcoming biggest star in the industry.

Is Glorilla Single or Dating anyone?

There is no exact information about GloRilla boyfriends or her love life. She loves to enjoy being alone and is single. Through her music, she prefers to be alone and doesn’t need any men in her life. In December 2022, some rumors spread about Canadian rapper Drake and GloRilla’s relationship. The reason behind the rumors was a nightclub where they have been together chatting and making snap chat videos together.

On social media people started talking about that they two are dating. However, that was just a friendly gathering and they are not in relationship. GloRilla also pranked her fans by uploading a growing baby bump. After the photo went viral she denies the rumors and tells that it was just a prank. 

What is the net worth of Glorilla?

GloRilla net worth is $1 million. Over the past years, GloRilla net worth has increased significantly. She has collected love from all over the world. She has released many songs and got many views, such as Nut Quick, Westside Baby, Tomorrow, Blessed, etc. She became famous due to these two songs, FNF Let’s Go, and Tomorrow.

She has been nominated for Grammy awards and some other big awards. GloRilla continues to grow as she is working hard to achieve the highest level in the industry. There are many things and awards that she can achieve. 

Awards and Accomplishments

GloRilla, a rising star in the rap music industry, has garnered numerous awards and accomplishments throughout his career. With his unique style and lyrical prowess, he has captivated audiences around the globe. One of GloRilla’s most notable achievements was winning the coveted Best New Artist award at the prestigious Rap Music Awards.

This accolade solidified his place as a force to be reckoned with in the rap game and brought him significant recognition within the industry. In addition to this remarkable feat, she has also been recognized for his exceptional songwriting skills. His hit single “Rhyme King” won Song of the Year at both the International Hip Hop Awards and Billboard Music Awards.

This achievement not only showcased GloRilla’s ability to create compelling lyrics but also demonstrated his knack for crafting infectious hooks that resonate with listeners. Furthermore, her impact extends beyond just awards.

Final Thoughts

The article has provided all the information about GloRilla net worth, career, boyfriend, and more. She suffered a lot in her life and faced many troubles but never gave up on her dreams. She is an inspiration for those who gave up and never tried to achieve something. GloRilla is a growing name in the industry and continuously growing. 


Why is Glorilla Voice so deep?

When she was young, she started smoking and that is why she lost her singing voice and switched to rap music. That is how her voice got so deep.

Where is Glorilla From?

GloRilla is from the city of Memphis, Tennessee.

How old is Glorilla?

As of the year 2023, GloRilla is 23 years old.

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