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Two years ago I took a trip to Canada and having never been before, I decided to ask some colleagues who had been where they recommended that I go. For my colleague Frank Andreoli Montreal was very much a place in his heart as he has family there and used to spend time there as a child, he was the only one in fact who suggested Montreal, everyone else went down the Toronto/Vancouver route. After speaking a bit with Frank about why he loved Montreal so much in comparison with other places, I decided that he was right and that I should try it out, and I am so glad I did.

Now I have recently been on another trip to Canada, spending a couple of days in both Toronto and Vancouver. I loved Montreal way more than these two destinations and so it dawned on me the considerations to make when someone offers travel advice.

Same Type of Person

First of all no matter who you get advice from you have to make sure that you are having a conversation about it rather than someone just shouting out a destination to you. One of the reasons that you should be looking to do this is that the person offering advice may be utterly different from you. What one person loves may be the thing that you hate about travel, so you have to make sure that you are speaking with a kindred spirit.

Individual Bad Experiences

Very often when people have a bad experience on their vacations, perhaps a hotel booking goes wrong or a restaurant visit early into the trip is bad, it can sour the whole vacation. This is how many end up with these generalizations and stereotypes, because they base their opinion of something large based on an experience very small. This is again why it will be important to have a good conversation to get to the bottom of why someone likes or dislikes a particular place.


Again, understanding what exactly you are looking for is going to be essential for others who are looking to give you advice. If you are looking to go somewhere for an adventure vacation packed with activities, then it is no use someone suggesting a quiet and relaxing beachside resort. It is fine for people to offer a suggestion, which you later realize won’t work, but nonetheless it is why you shouldn’t hang solely on the words of others as they just aren’t aware of exactly what type of vacation it is that you are looking for.

Whether someone likes or dislikes a destination, bears very little resemblance to what you may feel about the place. For this reason it is important that you look to keep all of your options open when it comes to travel, take people’s opinions on board but then do plenty of research for yourself in order to decide whether or not that destination is really for you.

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