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Facts About Vasectomies Which Every Man Should Know


Going through a vasectomy and being sterilized is something that hundreds of thousands of men across the world do every year. Vasectomies are a safe and easy way in which to prevent sperm from entering the semen in the testicles and men do this for a wide range of reasons. If you ever want to discover more about vasectomies and facts that every man should know, just go to the website

The most common reason why so many men will have this done is so that they can enjoy unprotected sex with their pattern without any fear of impregnating them. Whether you are considering this as an option or not, there are some facts about a vasectomy which every man should know, let’s take a look.

Extremely Effective

This is without question one of these best forms of birth control which has an incredibly high rate of efficiency. General estimates are between 99.7% and 99.9% in terms of how effective this procedure can be when it comes to the prevention of sperm entering the semen.


Many will be more than happy to get the vasectomy done because they know that at the back of their mind, a reversal is possible if their individual relationship situation happens to change. What don’t recognize however is that whilst the original operation is over and done with in less than an hour, the reversal procedure is far more complicated and time consuming. The reversal will be done under general anesthetic and it can take up to 6 hours. The recovery time is also much longer than the original vasectomy.

No Immediate Result

What every patient must be aware of is that it will take time for the body to get rid of all of the semen which does have sperm, and therefore you are not covered from the moment that you leave the clinic. The general consensus is that it will take 8 weeks or 20 ejaculations on average to ensure that you no longer have sperm  in your semen. The doctor will call you back in at  the 8 week mark and test to ensure that you are fully covered.

Sex Life and The Impacts of a Vasectomy

Anything which you may have heard about how a vasectomy affects your sex drive or your sex life in a negative way are completely false. The truth of the matter is that once you are fully recovered there will be absolutely no change in your sexual desires, energy or any sensation. In terms of sexual function, there will be no difference after the procedure has been completed.

Speedy Recovery

The recovery from this procedure is just 2 or 3 days and then you can resume your normal life. The doctor may add an additional restriction with regards to exercise or carrying heavy objects, but this will be no longer than a week and is usually just there as a precaution.

These are the facts about this procedure which you need to know, should you one day decide that this is something which will work for you.

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