Emotional Abuse in Marriage: How to Prove It in a Huntsville Family Court

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The divorce process can be emotionally draining to go through, particularly if emotional abuse is an issue. The impacts of emotional abuse are often not visible to other people. Because of this, proving it can be hard in divorce proceedings. But it is still possible. if you want to get a divorce because your spouse has been abusing you emotionally, a Huntsville divorce lawyer can help you and educate you about your options. 

Signs of Emotional Abuse in Marriage

Emotional abuse involves verbal abuse, coercive tactics, or threats of violence. Your spouse may be emotionally abusing you if they are humiliating you, isolating you from your family or friends, trying to control you, belittling or criticizing you, controlling your finances, gaslighting you, or undermining your sense of self-worth of confidence. 

If you have been subjected to emotional abuse in your marriage, you should seek professional help. Explore different avenues to end your marriage and go on with your life without your abuser. 

Proving Emotional Abuse in Court

Under Alabama law, emotional abuse is not grounds for divorce. But emotional abuse evidence can be utilized as a factor to demonstrate that it is proper to end your marriage under other grounds. Below are what you need to prove this type of abuse in divorce court:

  • Documented emotional abuse incidents. Make sure you keep notes and document any instances of emotional abuse, including the date, location, and time of the incident. Also, write down a detailed description of the emotional abuse and its effect on you. Other kinds of document can include voicemails, emails, or text messages from your abusive spouse. 
  • Witness testimony. To prove your emotional abuse claim, use testimony from family members, friends, or colleagues who have witnessed the abuse. These people can testify for you. Their testimonies can be used to substantiate your claims in court. 
  • Consult a mental health expert. Persistent emotional abuse by your spouse can drastically affect your life. Seeking help from a mental health expert is a great decision towards working through the trauma. By getting a diagnosis and treatment, you protect your well-being and get evidence to corroborate your claims. Your therapist can give testimony that your attorney can use as evidence of the negative experiences you had with your spouse. 

While it is not easy to prove emotional abuse in court, having the right attorney can make a huge difference. A skilled divorce lawyer can help prove that emotional abuse exists in your marriage. 

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